2013 Daytime Soap Opera MVPs: Eileen Davidson, Finola Hughes, Katherine Kelly Lang and Billy Miller

Who were the most valuable players in daytime drama over the course of 2013? Find out below in the Serial Scoop year-end awards.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES MVP: Eileen Davidson as Kristen DiMera
By the end of 2013, DAYS had become daytime's hottest show. It got there with tight storytelling and a lot of help from Eileen Davidson, who turned in one fascinating performance after another as Kristen. It led up to the character drugging and raping Father Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan, also very good this year). From there it was all about Kristen's upcoming wedding to Brady Black (Eric Martsolf), a wedding that was ruined thanks to Victor Kiriakis (an inspired John Aniston) with an assist from Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). Davidson's performances during the wedding week were perhaps her best ever, and the ratings bump proved that viewers agreed. DAYS was back, and Davidson was on top of her game.

GENERAL HOSPITAL MVP: Finola Hughes as Anna Devane
By my recollection Finola Hughes improved just about every single scene she appeared in during 2013, just by her mere presence. We knew she had the acting chops, and she proved it over and over again throughout the year. Anna's reunion with Robin (Kimberly McCullough) was magical but nothing could top the performance of Finola Hughes playing Dr. Lisa Obrect pretending to be Anna Devane. Absolutely brilliant. Executive Producer Frank Valentini is known for delivering his shows under budget and he does this by, among other things, minimizing the use of sets at any given time and rotating actors in and out of the lineup. Our wish for 2014 is that Finola Hughes be rotated in a little more often.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL MVP: Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan
What would Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill (Don Diamont) have done all year if it wasn't for Brooke Logan? And would it have been any fun without Katherine Kelly Lang playing to perfection every nuance of the the Brooke/Bill/Katie storyline. Brooke and Bill were so wrong on paper. How could any viewer ever want them together? Somehow Lang made it work. She's so believable at playing Brooke convincing herself that she's doing the right thing at any given time. And she's great at playing Brooke when the character is vilified for making mistakes. With original actors Susan Flannery and Ronn Moss no longer on the show, Lang stepped up her game even more. Here's hoping that in 2014 Brooke Logan starts calling out the hypocritical people in her life for some of their past transgressions.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS MVP: Billy Miller as Billy Abbott
The stories on Y&R were going in circles for much of the year but the saving grace was Billy Miller's performances as Billy. The character has taken on some of Miller's characteristics over the years and, for 2013 at least, it was a very good thing. Miller brought a lightness and much-needed fun to many of his scenes prior to the tragic death of Billy's daughter, Delia Abbott. At that point, he gave one outstanding performance after another as Billy grieved for a child that would never grow up, becoming distant from his wife, Victoria (Amelia Heinle). At the end of the year Billy slept with Kelly (Cynthia Watros), a woman he met at a grief support group. Billy Miller is leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, and last airs on January 30.  We will likely see him again at this year's Daytime Emmy Awards.

Honorable Mention: Jeanne Cooper. She brought her "A" game all the way to the very last episode (May 3, 2013) she appeared in before her death. She even delivered the perfect ad-libbed final line as Katherine Chancellor walked up the stairs to rest: "Goodnight."

Those are our picks.  Who were your soap opera MVPs for 2013?


Anonymous said...

I agree with this list.

Elisa Goldberg said...

I agree with the list. However, I believe Michael Muhney should have been on this list as well. He and Billy Miller are the MVP of Y&R!!!

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