First Thoughts on Guy Wilson as the New Will Horton on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Guy Wilson debuted as the new Will Horton on DAYS OF OUR
LIVES on Wednesday, January 8, 2014.
"You're not gonna believe this!"

That was actor Guy Wilson's first line in his debut as the new Will Horton on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Well, believe it!

Over the years many relative unknown thespians, who later turned out to be excellent actors, even Emmy winners, made their daytime soap opera debuts and looked like stiffs. This is a different medium, with a lot of dialogue to memorize, where getting it right on the first take is desired. It's understandable if a new actor in a daytime drama takes not just one, but several episodes to settle in. It's happened time and again so I give them a pass. Luckily, Wilson doesn't need one. He performed like a seasoned pro on Day One.

Wilson has already met two of my requirements for the character of Will: chemistry with Sonny (Freddie Smith)...and EJ (James Scott). Plus, he was very reactive in all his scenes with all his actors partners, even if it was a bit earnest at times. Oh, and he's a good actor that's attractive. Maybe he met five of my requirements.

It is always a bit jarring to viewers when a new actor replaces a fan favorite. Sometimes the character suddenly does something you think they never would do. When Jensen Buchanan replaced Anne Heche as Vicky on ANOTHER WORLD back in 1991 she suddenly developed a relationship with her true love's brother, Grant Harrison (Mark Pinter). I remember thinking that Anne's Vicky would never have been written to do that. For the immediate future, Will's relationships are in the same place as they were last week with Chandler Massey playing the role, and different types of scenes than were written today will be the ultimate test for WilSON (Will and Sonny). How Will evolves with Guy Wilson will be very interesting to watch.

Characters tend to get tailored toward an actor's strengths and take on some of their characteristics over time. Billy Miller's Billy Abbott on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is a prime example. The original adult Billy, Emmy winner David Tom, will be taking the role back after two-time Emmy winner Miller exits on January 30, and some fans can't see Tom playing his old part today. When Jensen Buchanan landed the Vicky role on ANOTHER WORLD, she beat out Ellen Wheeler, the original actress to play the character (along with Vicky's twin, Marley), who won an Emmy for her work. The character didn't fit her anymore the producers said. Wilson comes across as an older, more grown up Will. Will that inspire the writers to spin the character off in a new direction?

It's one day, in an episode where Will didn't have anything spectacular to do, so it is not easy to judge but I'll go out on a limb and predict Will will find a new career this year. After Day One I don't picture this Will as a writer. Ask me again after Day Two and I may have a new opinion.

Probably the biggest thing missing today was the way Massey's Will looked at almost everyone and everything like it was the greatest thing in the world. That wasn't a Will characteristic when Massey took on the role and it probably won't be now. But that's what happens with characters if you watch a daytime soap opera long enough. And Wilson will put his on spin on the part, adding layers that weren't there before.

One quirky thing: Wilson leaned to the right in two different scenes. It was hard to tell if he was leaning on a table or what Will was doing exactly, or if that was an acting choice.  Think of your posture, young man!

Most actors are replaceable even if they don't realize it. DAYS successfully recast Peter Reckell's Bo Brady with Robert Kelker-Kelly seamlessly back in 1993.  With Guy Wilson in 2014, DAYS has cast a believable actor in a key role to keep a character around that's important to many people, even beyond daytime television. This is great news. And after Day One and watching Wilson perform, I am very excited to see what lies ahead.

"I have a feeling none of this is ever going to go away."

This was Wilson's final line of Day One. My second prediction: Wilson and WilSon are not going away anytime soon either.

Watch Guy Wilson's first DAYS OF OUR LIVES scenes in the clip below:


Anonymous said...

I like him.

Tricia said...

Absolutely terrible he is. Guy will strangle the life out of that character. TPTB should be ashamed with their casting department

Tricia said...

Clearly David Millers New years resolution should have been to buy some glasses if he thinks Freddie had chemistry with Guy. This is the worst recast in history.

Isabelle de Bojangle said...


Isabelle de Bojangle said...

he is they are still seeling him even after he airs, if after a few shots they get this, i just cant imagine how bad he was at the first shot !!! not watching terrible actor get Chandler back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia said...

Chemistry?? Freddie didn't look at him. The cast had no connection with him and he barely noticed Ari you remember Ari Grace Wills own daughter. David you have gone bananas

Isabelle de Bojangle said...

Your prediction arent right because he wont last months

Isabelle de Bojangle said...

yeah he must be blind by the money Corday gave him to say this crap

Isabelle de Bojangle said...

lmao chemistry MY ASS

Tricia said...

David stop using excuses to criticise Chandler and refocus your attention to Corday and Meng for destroying the best thing that happened to their show. Guy looks every bit his age and some more on that but Will isn't even 21 years old. I give him 4 weeks if that

Isabelle de Bojangle said...

Hes got no facial expression, no chemistry with Freddie, , hes not good looking, his voice sounds creepy hes older than Chandler, and look at his acting COME ON he doesnt give a crap abt his own baby , he hardly aknowledged her, what the hell is the meaning of chelmistry to all of you, get us Chandler Massey back, Corday is huge prat, he s got the truth now, his recast sucks

Isabelle de Bojangle said...

I think dvid was high when he wrote this, or he lives on an other planet, or maybe he didnt see the same show as we did !!

joanna said...

I loved Chandler massey and will miss him but i thought guys first day on days was good and i think he will get better im going to give him a chance

Isabelle de Bojangle said...

Hes had several chances hes blown them, and whts more, hes an arogant prat!!!

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