Daytime Emmy Reels: Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA on Sunday, June 22, 2014. In the Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series category, previous winner Kristen Alderson will compete with Linsey Godfrey, Hunter King, Kim Matula and Kelley Missal. Watch their Emmy submissions below:

Kristen Alderson as Starr Manning
General Hospital

New Year's Eve turned out to be a head on collision of lies and truth for Starr Manning. After being involved in a serious accident, Starr was forced to help the one person she wished was dead, Connie Falconeri. Starr held Connie fully responsible for the death of her daughter, Hope Manning, and her boyfriend, Cole Thornhart. Starr quickly learned that it wasn't Connie that caused the death of Starr's family but someone else that she thought was her friend.

Linsey Godfrey as Caroline Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful

Socialite Caroline Spencer is determined to win back the heart of her boyfriend, Forrester Creations President, Rick Forrester. However, Rick is currently in love and in a committed relationship with Maya Avant, a woman who has pulled her life together from a sketchy past. In her attempt to break Maya and Rick up, Caroline ensures that Maya is hired by her friend; producer Rafael, to star in a web series entitled "Room 8." While watching the opening titles with Rafael and Maya's hunky co-star, Carter, Caroline is not impressed with what she sees. She offers up her services to revamp the entire episode and comes up with a plan where she and Rafael can both be satisfied with the series. She explains how she will intercut 'fantasies' and sex it up between Maya and Carter.

Hunter King as Summer Newman
The Young and the Restless

Summer's parents, Nick and Phyllis, have done everything they can to discourage 18-year-old Summer's crush on Kyle Abbott, and now she knows why: he's her brother. Nick delivers the shocking news that he's not her biological father. Jack Abbott, Kyle's father, is. Reeling, Summer resists Nick's overtures to comfort her, insisting that she has no home, no family...and her whole life has been a lie.

Kim Matula as Hope Logan
The Bold and the Beautiful

Always forgiving and understanding in the past when it comes to her true-love Liam Spencer and her half sister, Steffy Forrester, fashion designer Hope Logan is confident that this time she and Liam will make it to the altar without interruption from Steffy who is far away in Paris. Unfortunately, even though she truly does own Liam's heart, unforeseen forces are still conspiring against her. Days before their wedding, Liam made Hope a video tribute to their love. Having accidentally seen it when Liam was asking Steffy to send the signed annulment papers, Steffy requested Liam make one for her. Making it clear that he doesn't intend to reunite with her, Liam honors Steffy's request. Innocent enough. Right? Well, not if you're Quinn Fuller, who desperately wants Hope to be with her son, Liam's half-brother, Wyatt. Quinn finds the video that Liam sent Steffy and anonymously sends it to Hope. The outcome is heart-wrenching.

Kelley Missal as Danielle Manning
One Life to Live

Sometimes there is only so much a person can take before they make a very bad choice that leads them down a dangerous road. Dani is lost. After mourning the death of Victor (the man she thought was her Father) who was shot by her biological father, Todd, Dani has been neglected by both her Mother and Todd. Todd left Llanview for Port Charles, and Tea was so buried in grief over the loss of her infant son, that she could not see how badly Dani was hurting. In the previous Episode, Dani overdoses on Oxy and collapses at the opening of Blair's new club, Shelter. Todd has come to town because Dani has been "drunk dialing" him, and he is worried about her. He arrives just in time to see Dani collapse and picks her up and rushes her to the hospital. Victor, back from the dead, also arrives at Shelter and sees Dani collapse. Victor and Tea wait bedside for Dani to wake up, while Todd watches from a distance.

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