EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jessica Osgood Talks Teen Soap 'Youthful Daze'

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Jessica Osgood is a powerhouse portraying the role of Mallorie Watson in teen soap opera Youthful Daze. Mallorie is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, and not a person you want to cross.   Serial Scoop recently had the chance to speak to Osgood about her fascinating character, what it's like to work with her on-screen love interest Ash Nair (Sean), and why we should all be watching Youthful Daze.  Read our exclusive interview below:

SERIAL SCOOP: Hi Jessica. You are great as Mallorie. How would you describe her to someone who wasn't familiar with the character?
JESSICA OSGOOD: Mallorie can be emotionally damaging to those she hates and fiercely loyal to those she loves. She has the innate ability to know exactly what to say to someone to either break them apart or build them up. She’s still forming her identity so she often acts on pure emotion rather than rationalization, but I think that’s how she’s able to keep true to herself…logical or not.

SERIAL SCOOP: How do you think the issues Mallorie has with her mother have affected her?
JESSICA OSGOOD: We learn how to love from our parents so with Mal’s dad being absent from her life, the only person she has to look up to is her mother and, as you can see in the series, it’s not the most stable companionship. I think Mallorie has learned (from her mom) to compartmentalize and close off certain feelings that she’s not familiar with, like love, which in the end is not a healthy habit. Everything should be felt but with Mallorie, if she felt everything, I think she would break. She’s just not equipped to deal with emotions like that.

SERIAL SCOOP: It's certainly been been fun watching Mallorie and Sean (Ash Nair) together. You and Ash have great chemistry. What is it like working with Ash?
JESSICA OSGOOD: The chemistry with Ash and I was a real challenge for me, I mean, who likes tall, dark and handsome? Just kidding. In all seriousness though, I really lucked out in having Ash as my on screen boyfriend. He’s attractive, charming and best of all, he’s British! He is extremely professional and put me at ease especially with all the bedroom scenes. We had a great connection from the start so it was effortless.

SERIAL SCOOP: I was surprised how understanding Mallorie seemed when Sean casually mentioned his fooling around with another girl when they were on a “break.”
JESSICA OSGOOD: I don’t think she was “understanding” of Sean fooling around with other girls during their break, but the fear of being alone was enough of a driving factor for her to accept the fact and move forward.

SERIAL SCOOP: How do you think she will respond when she finds out he cheated with Jenna (Heidi Kerring)?
JESSICA OSGOOD: If she found out Sean cheated on her, I don’t think she has enough strength or integrity to completely let go of him.

SERIAL SCOOP: She certainly is into Sean. Brad (Paul Vandervort) is completely infatuated with her, but she won't give him the time of day. Hasn't she seen him shirtless? [laughs]
JESSICA OSGOOD: The fact that Brad is so infatuated with her is precisely what drives her away, but I will say that Mallorie does tend to use people to benefit her agenda. She’s so entranced by Sean that, to her, no one can ever compare and that will reign true until he proves otherwise.

SERIAL SCOOP: Right now, Mallorie doesn't have any idea that Tommy (Ethan Daniel Corbett) and Drew (Bryan Castle) have feelings for each other, and is quite excited that Tommy is back in town. She is all about Tommy right now! Could she have feelings for him that she hasn't admitted to herself?
JESSICA OSGOOD: One of Mallorie’s fortes is being able to discern between feelings of romance and friendship and is very much a tom boy when it comes to that. She doesn’t trust girls and always got along better with the guys. She had to learn very quickly to hold on to the purity of a friendship with the opposite sex and not tarnish it with the pressures of a relationship. She can be very in tune with herself, however, that makes her completely oblivious to what’s going on around her and I think that’s why she missed the signs that Drew and Tommy are into each other…she can be very self absorbed.

SERIAL SCOOP: Do you think Sean was truly jealous of Mallorie and Tommy, or did he want an excuse to cheat?
JESSICA OSGOOD: Sean is observant when it comes to his “possessions” and that’s exactly what Mallorie is to him, a trophy and his property. So his feelings of jealously, while completely baseless, were very real and I think that’s what drove him to be unfaithful to Mallorie.

Jessica Osgood
SERIAL SCOOP: What has been your favorite scene that you have filmed so far?
JESSICA OSGOOD: My favorite scene has to be the one where I confront Becca. It’s hilarious because Sarah Hester (the actress who plays Becca) is literally the sweetest person you will ever meet so it was actually really fun trying to fight with her… I couldn’t keep a straight face.

SERIAL SCOOP: I enjoyed that a lot. Another scene of yours that I found completely hilarious, is one you shared with Drew. The two of you discuss who could be out to get him, and her cat was on the list. What could her cat have against poor Drew?
JESSICA OSGOOD: Cats hate everybody; especially Drew…my cat is even out to get me!

SERIAL SCOOP: Some may be unware, but you're not only an actress on Youthful Daze, but also an executive producer. What is that experience like?
JESSICA OSGOOD: Being an actress as well as an executive producer demands a lot of time and energy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It's such a privilege to work so closely along side Bryan James who is a very dear friend and just an amazing writer, director, actor, producer, editor…. He just does it all and I am so proud to be involved in the making of this web series.

SERIAL SCOOP: I have to say that I have become hooked on the show. It's really entertaining. Why do you think everyone should be watching?
JESSICA OSGOOD: Season one was amazing, but everything gets amplified in Season two. Youthful Daze has quality that you can’t find anywhere else. Quality writing, quality production and quality acting. I also believe that web series are the future of entertainment. Every one has a smart phone so you can watch the series anywhere you go! And, come on, we’re a bunch of ridiculously good looking people, what’s not to love?

SERIAL SCOOP: I couldn't agree more!

Thank you to Jessica Osgood, and keep checking back for more of our exclusive interviews in the coming days with the cast of Youthful Daze.

Youthful Daze is available at www.youthfuldaze.com. You can watch the latest episode below.

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