NBC Soap Opera 'Another World' Ended 15 Years Ago Today

The final episode of NBC daytime drama Another World, set in the fictional town of Bay City, aired 15 years ago today (June 25, 1999).

Another World, created by Irna Phillips and William J. Bell, launched on May 4, 1964. At the time of its cancellation, the show was NBC's longest-running daytime drama (now surpassed by Days of our Lives).

Another World was the first soap opera to air in an hour format daily (1975) and later in a 90-minute format (1979-1980). The show reached its highest ratings and critical success in the 1970s with Paul Rauch serving as executive producer, and Harding Lemay as head writer.

Despite many producer and writer changes over the years, Another World maintained that something special--a blend of good stories, humor and class. The finale was not necessarily indicative of the show as a whole or even its final months or years, but the heart displayed by the characters was pure Another World.

As the final episode opened, Cass (Stephen Schnetzer) was abducted from his wedding to Lila by Carolyn, a gorilla he had often visited at the zoo. At first, Lila (Lisa Peluso) was enraged that everyone but she knew about her fiance's "relationship" with this primate, but soon she was concerned solely about Cass's safety.

Cass revealed that Carolyn liked singing so Felicia (Linda Dano) ordered Sergei (Jonathan Sharp) to get his boombox. The guest sang James Brown's "Get Up Offa That Thing," which calmed the beast and saved Cass, and once again the wedding ceremony began, this time performed by Tyrone in his first official act as a judge. The guests agreed to Charlie's suggestion for a wedding gift and recorded their thoughts and wishes for the couple on videotape. The spirit of Cass's first wife, Frankie (Alice Barrett), made a brief appearance, and she could be at rest now that she knows that Charlie (Brittany Finamore) would be taken care of properly.

Rachel (Victoria Wydham) and Carl (Charles Keating).
The wedding also served as inspiration for love and good wishes among those assembled, with Vicky (Jensen Buchanan) and Lila reconciling, Paulina (Judi Evans) forgiving Cindy (Kim Rhodes), and Marley (Ellen Wheeler) finally finding happiness.

Meanwhile, David (David Andrew Macdonald) and Cindy planned a trip to an exotic tropical resort that was Grant's favorite place, unaware that Grant (Mark Pinter) was very much alive and living there now.

The evening ended with a spectacular fireworks display, after which Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) returned home, adding a photograph of the day's festivities to her collection of pictures of important people who have passed through her life.


Roger Newcomb said...

My favorite soap. Still miss it.

Unknown said...

I miss it too!

Michael Goldberg said...

I can't believe it has been 15 years!!! I still miss Kathleen :)

Unknown said...

I still remember it, but it's been over 22 years.

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