' The Bold and the Beautiful' Recap (June 5, 2014) Is Quinn Fuller the Devil?

Don't call my mom a "vile, evil, manipulative, bitch!"
Thursday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful (June 5, 2014) focused on everyone blaming Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) for Ridge's (Thorsten Kaye) possible death.  Who knew that a Selfie had the ability to cause a man to fall out of a Helicopter?  Bill (Don Diamont), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Katie (Heather Tom), Eric (John McCook), Hope (Kim Matula) and especially Liam (Scott Clifton) all blamed Quinn! If she set a bomb in the mansion, their reaction couldn't be worse.  Bill vowed to find Ridge, and Justin worried that their part in the crash would be revealed.  Bill  wanted to teach Ridge a lesson, he didn't want to kill him. Katie believed that Ridge was a miracle and flashed back to him reading poetry to her. She couldn't remember who she was before Ridge.  She thought that sounded silly.  I thought so too. Ridge is everything that Katie had ever wanted.  If  Brooke knew that, maybe she wouldn't feel so guilty!  Liam's hatred for Quinn is out of control. Sending that selfie of her in bed with Bill to Brooke was the worst thing that could have happened  Ridge was "the pride and joy of the family," Liam declared.  I am sure the other members of the family would appreciate hearing that.  Liam is holding Quinn's "feet to the fire." Liam thinks that Quinn is a joke and Bill hates her as much as the entire Forrester Family.  Liam really doesn't like her very much.  In the final scene, Quinn brought up Brooke's past, and Liam hissed "I would take Brooke over you any day of the week Quinn.  I would take any woman over you. You are a vile, manipulative, evil, bitch!" Wyatt (Darin Brooks) heard this, knocked Liam out, as Hope walked in clearly traumatized by what she witnessed. Tune in on Friday to see what happens next!

Performer of the Day: Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller. She was cool, calm, and collected the entire time she was attacked by Liam. She is either a very strong woman or insane.

Line of the Day: Bill Spencer explained to Justin (Aaron D Spears)"I just wanted to teach that little dress designer a lesson, not kill him.”

Question of the Day: How long before Quinn and Wyatt end up in bed?

Word of the Day: 'Selfie' We will be hearing this for word for a long time to come

Clifftwister of the Day: Will Hope Logan find the brain power she needs to question exactly why Wyatt punched his brother?

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