EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sarah Hester on 'Youthful Daze' and the Joy of Playing Bitchy Becca Malone

Sarah Hester stars in Youthful Daze.
Sarah Hester is fabulously entertaining as Becca Malone in teen soap opera Youthful Daze. Becca is the bitch you love to hate. She may flash a smile and ooze sincerity, but is simultaneously plotting behind someone's back. Moments of vulnerability are starting to appear when viewers are least expecting it, and Hester is brilliant at portraying these new facets of Becca's personality.

Serial Scoop recently had the opportunity to speak with Hester about her bitchy character, the joy of playing against type, and the hilarious sex scene she filmed with Mike C.Manning.  Read our exclusive interview below, which includes some exciting spoilers you won't find anywhere else!

SERIAL SCOOP: Sarah, you are absolutely hysterical as Becca. How did you become involved with Youthful Daze?
SARAH HESTER: Bryan James (who plays Drew, and is also the creator of the show) and I went to school together in Bakersfield at Stockdale High. We were in drama class together and fortunately, for me, we’ve stayed in touch.  He asked me to be a part of the show. I was honored and proud of him.

SERIAL SCOOP: I am glad you two stayed in touch! How much fun are you having as Becca?
SARAH HESTER: I am having an absolute blast playing Becca. She’s a completely different character than I’ve ever played before. I usually play the sweet girl, the girl next door, etc. I appreciate Bryan giving me the opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone to play a bad girl. Some of the lines he’s written for me are genius and so fun to act out. She’s so unique and you never really know what she’s thinking or feeling. She has a lot of mixed emotions and feelings swirling in that mind of hers. It’s fun to find ways to make her my own and part of me, but still embrace her specific qualities that are so not me.

SERIAL SCOOP: What has the fan reaction been like?
SARAH HESTER: People love Becca, and they’re starting to like her more. She’s the one that you love to hate, the villain.  But she will now start to gain some pity from people and people will start rooting for her in the end. It’s kind of amazing. I was on Nickelodeon for two years, so to go from that to this is amazing. As an actor that’s exactly what you want for your career. You want to be able to play as many types of characters as you can. It’s thrilling. Being a bitch in real life is something I am not good at, but playing one is a rush!

SERIAL SCOOP: [Laughs] You certainly seem very nice, but are excellent at playing the bitch. You have had so many funny scenes as Becca. I asked Mike Manning (Colin) about the bed scene that the two of you filmed. I genuinely laughed out loud when Becca screamed, "Quiet, bitch!" Had the two of you met before you filmed that scene?
SARAH HESTER: That scene was hilarious! [laughs] Probably one of my favorites because it’s not something I’ve ever done in real life, but always wanted to!  Every girl has that bad girl fantasy of tying a guy up and controlling the moment with attitude...right? RIGHT!? [laughs] We didn’t meet until pretty much right when we were about to film, but he was instantly a great sport. He made it very easy to feel comfortable and not be afraid to just go for it. Plus he takes his shirt off and you can’t help but enjoy it.  My line “Quiet, bitch!” was so hilarious to say. Took me a minute to say it without laughing.

Becca's hilarious sex scene with Colin (Mike C. Manning)

SERIAL SCOOP:I laugh every time I watch that scene! What has been your favorite scene that has aired?
SARAH HESTER:Well, if it’s not the scene with Mike, it would have to be the scene with Dean Loomis (Kami Koren) where I let her know about me seeing her put the drugs in the locker. She was such a blast to work with and playing that evil but "faking with kindness" character was such a rush!! I just get a kick out of playing Becca, and Kami as Dean Loomis does such an incredible job counteracting her.

SERIAL SCOOP: The two of you together are very funny. Becca also has a very interesting relationship with Drew. Is she softening towards him?
SARAH HESTER: Becca deep down is a really good girl. She’s been struggling her entire life and always wanted to know what it would be like to have money. She got tangled in a money web thinking it was the key to happiness, but as she’s growing and getting to know Drew a little more, she’s realizing that money isn’t what will make her happy. She is just trying to find her place and figure her life out. She realizes how much Drew deals with and starts to feel bad for him. She needs and wants family so badly, she just hasn’t really experienced any love in life from family.

SERIAL SCOOP: [Laughs] Clearly having money didn't bring Drew any happiness! It would be nice to see Becca find the kind of love that Drew and Tommy (Ethan Daniel Corbett) now have. Any love in the future for Becca?
SARAH HESTER: Becca is still trying to figure out what love is. She never had that from her mom. She had a boyfriend, Travis, but it didn’t work out. He returns in Season 3 just to add some more craziness to Becca’s life. You just have to wait and see what becomes of the two of them.

SERIAL SCOOP: Interesting! Any upcoming story that you can spoil regarding Becca?
SARAH HESTER: Well, without being slapped on the wrist by Bryan James for spoiling too much... Becca develops some amazing story lines in the remaining second season, and third season. Developing a drug problem this season, and working with Dean Loomis. In Season 3, she meets 3 new characters that are a huge part of Becca's story. Becca’s mom comes to the show.  She is played by someone I am very excited about, my actual mom! Also, my ex boyfriend Travis returns, and a single white female-ish story line develops. So much drama and excitement to come for her!

SERIAL SCOOP: Don't slap her on the wrist, Bryan! I am looking forward to all of this and I'm sure it's going to entice Youthful Daze fans to keep on watching!
SARAH HESTER: I’m so grateful to be a part of this show. Everyone works so hard and genuinely cares about the project and each other. It’s so fun to be a part of it, and I can’t wait to see where Bryan James is taking Becca’s life. You’re not going to want to miss the rest of Season 2 or Season 3. Plus when Season 4 and 5 come out, you’ll need to be caught up! [laughs]

SERIAL SCOOP: We will be!

Youthful Daze is available at http://www.youthfuldaze.com/  Look for a brand new episode every Sunday night!

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