The 'Young and the Restess' Recap in Pictures: Tuesday June 17, 2014

What really happened on The Young and the Restless, on Tuesday June 17, 2014? Scroll through the photos and captions below to find out what the characters were actually thinking, at least in my mind.

I hate this man so much. I need some passion!!!
Wow, we have a lot of passion.
If Dylan is getting lucky while Paul is in a coma...

Don't tell Mom I'm getting lucky while Paul is in a coma
I know I don't look exactly like my Internet picture.
You were supposed to be 21 and blond!
So it's not going to happen, huh?
Send in the next candidate!
I can assure I indeed look like my Internet picture.
This isn't happening.  Is Ashley coming back?
I hope she will agree to marry me.
Of course I will marry you, but my name isn't Dru

I am going to have to call Hilary, Mom?

Can dad convince her to pretend she is my dead mother?

Why isn't Phyllis dead yet?
I didn't ask about Paul! I asked about Phyllis!
Take this.  I promise you won't be as annoying.
Lauren did insult me, but I do feel less annoying.
How can I be less annoying?
These may help.  Thanks to Lauren, I'm funny now too.

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