Kristian Alfonso: 'Peter Reckell Doesn't Want To Come Back' (Spoilers)

Kristian Alfonso. Credit: Nakitha Badon
Days of our Lives superstar Kristian Alfonso talked about her popular character Hope Williams Brady in a new interview with Michael Fairman published recently.

Alfonso spoke about the scenes in the morgue, where Hope cries over Nick's (Blake Berris) body.

"I was crying so much, and trying to remember where I was coming from and trying to hold everything together. I think that was for Hope the resolve that: I have failed you. I am devastated, and am so guilty, and you deserved so much better then what I gave you. And the sad part for her is that Nick really wanted to make a change, and I think Hope carries that with her, absolutely. The tears and the loss was just tremendous for her."

She explained why Days hasn't brought Peter Reckell (ex-Bo) back to the show.

"Because Peter Reckell doesn’t want to come back. So it’s confusing for the fans, because then he tweets out something different."

She praised Daniel Cosgrove, who plays Aiden.

"Daniel is very sweet man. He is very funny, and he wants to work hard, and I love that about him. He is a family guy who adores his wife and his children. He has three girls that are all ballerinas and he has a little boy named Fin. So he is traipsing back and forth from the east coast all the time and commuting right now."

She revealed there will be a resolution to the Bo and Hope story and what that means for Hope and Aiden.

"They have done something about it. We’ve done it and we’ve shot it. Hopefully it will be great, and what I love in the casting of Daniel Cosgrove is that he is so opposite of Bo. We will see where it goes. I love the fans and their support has been absolutely incredible. I was reading some tweets recently and they were saying, 'Hope and Aiden aren’t even together yet, and I want them together!' And that is fantastic! The writers have done an incredible job. It was frustrating for me at the beginning, but I really truly appreciate and totally understand why they paced everything out, because now Hope would have the opportunity to be a single mother going through all of that, and trying to juggle all of that, which also involves the whole thing that happened with Nick. She is trying to tend to everyone, but the only one she is not tending to is herself. I love where they started with Aiden and Hope being so combative, but I got to tell you, I love where they are going with the story, and I could not be happier."

Kristian Alfonso as Hope and Daniel Cosgrove as Aiden.
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Lois said...

I love where they're taking Aiden and Hope and I'm looking forward to watching their story develop.

Michael Goldberg said...

I do too Lois. Kristian Alfonso and Daniel Cosgrove are fantastic together.

Unknown said...

Hope needs to hook up with RAFE!! Perfect together!!

Michael Goldberg said...

Hope and Aiden are on fire!

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