10 Sensational Summer Performances on Daytime Soaps

Daytime soap operas have been on a roll this summer and featured the typical love and romance, lying and backstabbing, with a little mystery and adventure thrown in for good measure. There's also been an electrocution, a blown up house, a corporate takeover, a surprise Monte Carlo wedding, and clifftwisters galore. Fans have been treated to one outstanding performance after another but some have stood out above the rest. Below are 10 actors who have shined brightly with sensational performances this summer:

Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine on General Hospital

Spencer has been driving action in Port Charles in recent months, especially in the lives of the troubled triangle involving Britt (Kelly Thiebaud), Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). The young leading man can bring life to both dramatic and humorous moments in equal measure. Spencer's part of a dynamic duo with Britt, a kid quadrangle, and shared entertaining moments with leading men like Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Franco (Roger Howarth).  He's even great with stuffed animals!

Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful

Clifton was superb as Liam rushed to the Eiffel Tower only to miss Hope (Kim Matula) after he decided to save Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer), who was pushed into the Seine by Quinn (Rena Sofer). Liam has experienced a roller coaster of emotions this summer and Clifton has nailed them all.  B&B even used the multi-talented Clifton's "Love Song" (available on iTunes) as the perfect background music for Liam's broken-hearted walk around Paris.

Kassie DePaiva as Eve Larson on Days of our Lives

DePaiva has taken Salem by storm, and added a new spark and energy to the Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) story. It's not easy being a recast, but DePaiva has quickly made the role her own. We can't wait to see what Eve does next.

Melissa Claire Egan as Chelsea Newman on The Young and the Restless

Egan has chemistry with every man she is paired up with, including multiple actors in the role of Billy Abbott. Chelsea has become a character we care about finding happiness and it's all due to Egan's continued excellence. Many actresses who struggle to create sparks with their fellow actors can take lessons from Egan.

Camryn Grimes as Mariah Copeland on The Young and the Restless

Grimes has been a delight as Mariah developed a crush on Nick (Joshua Morrow), the man who adopted her look-a-like (and likely twin) Cassie, and interacted with much of Genoa City. But it was her fierce tough as nails tour de force performance as Mariah railed against Sharon (Sharon Case) on Tuesday's episode that elevated her to a leading contender in the Daytime Emmy younger actress race next year.

Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives

Koslow is always fun to watch as the conniving Kate pulls the strings in various Salem lives. This summer, Kate has been featured prominently in two stories--taking over DiMera Enterprises with Sami, and exposing Jordan's real identity and past with Clyde--and Koslow has been absolutely fabulous at every twist and turn.

Mishael Morgan as Hilary Winters on The Young and the Restless

Morgan has added some much-needed fire to Genoa City as Hilary rushed into a marriage with Neil (Kristoff St. John) while fighting feelings for his son, Devon (Bryton James). Just when Hilary was ready to choose Devon, Neil was blinded in an electric box accident. Hilary's on the edge emotions have been portrayed perfectly by Morgan, and made us care what happens to her character.

Jen Lilley as Theresa Donovan on Days of our Lives

Oh, Theresa, where do we begin? She knocked John (Drake Hogestyn) into a coma while pinning the incident on Brady (Eric Martsolf). Lilley continues to shine as the conniving Theresa schemes her way through Salem, while slowly unpealing new layers on a regular basis.

Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful

Who doesn't love a woman who makes her own homemade sword just to murder a man who is engaged to her son's true love. Whether she's manipulating Wyatt, snarking at Liam, or scheming with Deacon (Sean Kanan), Sofer is so much fun to watch it almost feels as criminal as most of her nefarious actions.

Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay on General Hospital

Stafford has been a revelation as Nina. In two short months, Nina has managed to break up Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Silas (Michael Easton), bond with her brother, Nathan (Ryan Paevey), scheme with Rosalie (Linda Elena Tovar) and establish incredible chemistry in a twisted friendship with Franco (Roger Howarth). Stafford seems to be enjoying the character, and viewers are enjoying watching Nina just as much.

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