'General Hospital': Levi Dunkleman's Real Name Is... Peter Harrell

Judson Scott played Peter Harrell on General Hospital in 1984-85. Zachary Garred plays "Levi" today.
According to Agent Jeffrey Scribner (Jamil Walker Smith) at the end of Wednesday's (August 27) episode of General Hospital...

Spoiler alert for the west coast!

...Levi Dunkleman is just an alias. Levi's real name is Peter Harrell. Felicia (Kristina Wagner) recognized "Peter Harrell" as the name of her fiance back in 1984 (played by Judson Scott). Is Levi the original Peter's son? It sure seems like Levi Dunkelman could be Peter Harrell Jr. But who's his mother? And is this all a misleading twist? Stay tuned!

In the GH clip below from March 1985, the original Peter calls Felicia to tell her the Aztec treasure exists, and asks her to meet him.

Later in the story, Peter tries to seduce Felicia as Frisco (Jack Wagner) arrives in Mexico.

* David Gautreaux Debuts Peter Harrell Sr. on 'General Hospital'


Anonymous said...

Peter Harrell Jr! We all knew Levi had another identity but I wasn't expecting this one.

Margie-Rose said...

Makes sense. Hated Peter then & Levi now. Yes been watching 51yrs.

Michael Goldberg said...

It was a nice twist!

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