Shining Star: Linda Elena Tovar Continues to Sparkle as Rosalie Martinez on 'General Hospital'

Linda Elena Tovar plays Rosalie Martinez on General Hospital.
Once in awhile an actress transcends her role. Linda Elena Tovar has accomplished that as nurse Rosalie Martinez on ABC's General Hospital. Soap operas often create "talk-tos," characters whose sole purpose is to provide an ear to the main character.  In this case, Rosalie is a sounding board for Michelle Stafford's Nina Clay, and the two of them have instantly become one of the best dynamic duos in daytime. Stafford has been mesmerizing as Nina, which we recognized in our 10 Sensational Summer Performances list, while Tovar has taken a limited role and become a revelation.

She imbues Rosalie with a rich tapestry of color.  The character is menacing with the late Rafe (Jimmy Deschler), bold with Silas (Michael Easton), loving and caring towards Nina one moment and equally as ruthless the next.

Then there is Rosalie's intriguing chemistry with Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), the sexy son of mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).  Is she genuinely concerned about him and his problems with Ava (Maura West), or does she just want to get him into bed? Or both! We don't know but really want to find out thanks to Tovar's enthralling performance.

General Hospital's Rosalie and Morgan.
Morgan has troubles with his father Sonny (Maurice Benard), and the explosive anger Rosalie has towards her own father leads one to believe there are many more interesting layers and details to be revealed about the character. Will Rosalie find love with Morgan? Who is her father? Will she help eventually Nina steal Ava's baby (which could be Morgan's child)? Stay tuned!

No matter what happens with Rosalie's storyline I'm calling it now: Linda Elena Tovar is a star.


Sugarbehr1967 said…
Could not agree more...Linda Elena Tovar is keeping me glued to my set as Rosalie...
She is stealing scenes and making it look so easy!