Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'Señora Acero' to Premiere September 23 on Telemundo

The highly anticipated new Telemundo series Señora Acero will premiere on Tuesday, September 23rd at 10 p.m. ET. Blanca Soto stars in Señora Acero, along with an excellent cast including Andrés Palacios, Rebecca Jones, Litzy and special guest, Damián Alcázar. Señora Acero was written by Andres Stopello (La Reina del Sur) and directed by actor and director Miguel Varoni and Walter Doehner (La Reina del Sur).

In addition to the main cast, the series also features a stellar cast including Arap Bethke and Rossana San Juan along with Marco Pérez, Jorge Zárate, Carmen Madrid, Arturo Barba, Luciana Silveyra, Valentina Acosta, Pilar Ixquic Mata, Andrés Zuñiga, Viviana Serna, Juan Carlos Martín del Campo, Aurora Gil, Alejandro Caso, Hector Berzunza, Sergio Lozano, Iñaki Goci, Alex Perazza, Raúl Aranda Lee y Alan Castillo.

Filmed in various locations around Mexico, Señora Acero tells the story about Sara Aguilar Bermúdez (Blanca Soto), a stunningly beautiful, charismatic and intelligent woman who goes from housewife to someone capable of shaking up the entire structure of a government. After the unexpected murder of her husband Vicente Acero, Sara learns that her late husband was not the man she thought. From that moment, her life and her son’s life become an endless battle to escape authorities and the enemies of her late husband.

Regional Mexican band Los Tucanes de Tijuana produced and performed a corrido titled La Señora de Acero; it tells the story of a woman with strong character, who knows how to overcome fear and adversity using two powerful weapons: her beauty and intelligence.

Telemundo's original series, Señora Acero is produced by Argos Television under the executive supervision of Martha Godoy (La Reina del Sur, El Señor de los Cielos).

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