Web Series Weekend: Syd and Stu Navigate Life as 'Roomiess'

Roomiess, a new sketch comedy from Edward Kiniry-Ostro and Indie Series Award-winner Sal Neslusan, premiered this week with 10 hilarious episodes directed by Daniel Applegate.

Roomiess follows roommates Syd (Neslusan) and Stu (Kiniry-Ostro) as they navigate the world though their tiny shared apartment. Through awkward hookups, coffee binges, and the occasional dog heist, they may not know what they're doing in the world, but they know they'll always have each other.

As she did in Professional Friend, Neslusan shows off her masterful comedic chops in Roomiess, while Kiniry-Ostro matches her with superb timing and hysterical reactions as they banter their way through life.

Watch Episode 1 ("The Cleanse") below:

Watch all 10 episodes of Roomiess at roomiess.com.