EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Billy Flynn on 'Days of our Lives' and Taking on the Role of Bad Boy Chad DiMera

Days of our Lives star Billy Flynn.
Actor Billy Flynn has taken Days of our Lives by storm since he joined the NBC daytime drama as the new Chad DiMera earlier this month. In his first three weeks, Flynn has held his own with some of Days' biggest stars--Alison Sweeney (Samantha DiMera), James Scott (EJ DiMera), Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) and Eileen Davidson (Kristin DiMera). Sparks have also flown between his character and Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi), which does not seem to bode well for Abby's blossoming romance with Ben Rogers (Robert Scott Wilson). Chad may want revenge for sins of the past but love is still in the air.

Serial Scoop spoke with Flynn this week, and the talented newcomer discussed his sex symbol status, and what it was like to come on board as the new face of Days' DiMera family. He also shared his thoughts on Chad's love life, and told us why Abigail Deveraux, and not Melanie Jonas (Molly Burnett), was the love of Chad's life. Flynn also previewed what's coming up in the weeks ahead on Days. Read our exclusive interview below:

SERIAL SCOOP: You are the hot new sex symbol on Days. What do you think is your sexiest feature?
BILLY FLYNN: I have to go with my eyes. That's what everyone else is saying it is, so I’ll go with that.

SERIAL SCOOP: I have to go deep here. If you can’t pick your eyes, what other feature would you choose?
BILLY FLYNN: [Laughs] I don't know, I guess I don't find myself sexy. A lot of people probably don’t based on the Twitter comments I've gotten.

SERIAL SCOOP: Oh no! How has that been for you dealing with social media?
BILLY FLYNN: It's fine. I find humor in it. I like to poke back at a few of the people who like to say stuff. It's nice because there are a lot of people who have shown me a lot of love. I don't have a lot of followers, and can respond to the people who actually take the time to write to me. So it's been a lot of fun. It's something new for me. So if it weren't for my eyes, I would say I have really great calves!

Billy Flynn
SERIAL SCOOP: Not everyone has great calves. There are calf implants for a reason. [Laughs]
BILLY FLYNN: I have great legs. I missed my calling as a leg model.

SERIAL SCOOP: There you go! You're joining Days at a really crucial time with the departures of James Scott and Alison Sweeney. But it's a really exciting time for you as an actor. What is it like for you to join Days as Chad and be able to play this new badass Chad DiMera?

BILLY FLYNN: It's been awesome, and nerve-wracking. When I first came on I didn't know they were leaving. Well. I knew Alison was leaving, I obviously heard because from Biggest Loser since she gets a lot of hype. I didn't know about James. I remember my jaw kind of hit the floor, going wait a second. When I started they said, Chad's coming in, they are very much looking for the new lead, and I really didn’t know what it meant. And then I was like, oh wait, I'm going to be the only DiMera. You kind of look for the mentorship, it was my first show and the only thing I've ever done. So if they are leaving I have to get myself ready to take over that. But as an actor it's been fun.

Luckily enough Chad's coming back and he's trying to figure things out for himself and figure out who he is and how he is going to be a part of Salem, how he is going to fit and, as Billy Flynn coming into Days, it was the same thing. So I got to use all of that awkward and nervous tension. And as Chad finds himself, I've been finding myself. Or finding him. I'm not really making it up as I go, but in a sense I play each moment and each scene as sincere as I can.

SERIAL SCOOP: What was great was the foundation was laid in the script for Chad to come back as this brand new DiMera a year later. It was all in Chad's final scenes and what has come since he left Salem.
BILLY FLYNN: I never watched any of his (Casey Jon Deidrick) stuff. I knew about Chad and about his leaving and getting shot and being with Stefano. It gave me free reign. It really is more of a revamp or a reboot. They told me to just make the Chad that I wanted to make. So I was able to add more of the sinister things in and get rid of the goofiness and the joking around a little bit more. But you will see he is still very sarcastic and very witty.

SERIAL SCOOP: And you were thrown right into it. You had scenes with James Scott, Lauren Koslow, Eileen Davidson...
BILLY FLYNN: ...and Alison Sweeney.

SERIAL SCOOP: Right, Alison Sweeney. At the time, did you recognize that these were the heavy hitters of Salem?
BILLY FLYNN: No, I didn't. I mean, somebody had said to me how impressed they were that I had chemistry with all of them as a new actor. I mean, it's awesome. I knew James. I knew Alison. I was really nervous about that. I really wasn't that familiar with Eileen because I think she had just come back to the show after a year. But as an actor that would be the greatest thing to hear that you have chemistry with everyone and that goes to say that obviously you're doing something right with everybody. Or you are able to be a person and act with everyone and have a different personality with everyone. It's been great.

SERIAL SCOOP: I spoke with Jen Lilly a couple of weeks back, and I know you like to kid on Twitter, but is there any possibility of Chad and Theresa in the future? An EJami 2.0?
BILLY FLYNN: I don't know that far in the future. I would love it. I think she's a very talented actress. I would love to work with her, but I don't think Theresa is on Chad's map.

SERIAL SCOOP: Chad has enough drama in his life right now.
BILLY FLYNN: I don’t think that Chad can handle all that girl drama right now. He has a hard enough time with one. [Laughs]

Billy Flynn & Kate Mansi
SERIAL SCOOP: Chad has had a couple of meaningful relationships during his previous tenure in Salem. He had one with Abby, and one with Melanie Jonas, played by Molly Burnett. Do you think Melanie remains on Chad's radar? Does he think about her at all?
BILLY FLYNN: You know, I don't know. I've thought about this, and a lot of people have brought it up because I had said that Abigail was the love of Chad’s life. My thought on this is Chad cheated on Abigail with Melanie. He thought it was Abigail that he was kissing. When they broke up and he moved on with Melanie, I view that as he got engaged to her but it was all out of remorse and shotgun reactions to his ending with her. I really don't think Melanie was the love of Chad's life like a lot of people have argued with me about. I think it was Abigail, and I think it will remain to be her.

SERIAL SCOOP: Yes, Abby was first.
BILLY FLYNN: Yeah, she was first and if he wouldn't have made that mistake on Halloween, you know, he still would have been with her.

SERIAL SCOOP: See, you've done the research. You know the history.
BILLY FLYNN: That'’s why I have continued to play Abigail as the one.

SERIAL SCOOP: You've become involved with Brad Everett Young's Dream Loud campaign. Why do you think it's so important?
BILLY FLYNN: Jen Lilley actually turned me on to him and he reached out to me. Art is very important to schools, and when I found out what his ideas were... he is very creative. It’s incredibly important. Our education system is bad enough here and then you’re taking peoples creative minds away from them. I think it’s crucial. I think his ideas are amazing.

Billy Flynn & Lauren Koslow
SERIAL SCOOP: What can you say about upcoming story with Abby, EJ, Sami, Kate and the others that Chad finds himself interacting with?
BILLY FLYNN: I think you will see Chad lay plans on how to get revenge on all of them. And in true fashion I think he will think that revenge or whatever he is going to do is actually going to get them back in his life, especially with Abigail. I don’t think she is ever going to go away. Like a guy, I think he is terrible at handling things, but you will see how that works out. With EJm he is going to try to make his life hell. Sami is obviously included in that so you're going to see just him banging things around in their world, kind of causing chaos. But he does love them. Family is very important to him. He’s going to take it as far as he can until he feels satisfied. And Kate, he sees her very much as a mother figure so I think you'll see that. But he's definitely not a puppet by any means. I feel like Stefano has prepped him and then he just deviated from all of the plans.

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Michael Goldberg is a freelance writer, producer and actor based out of New York. He regularly contributes television and web series features to Serial Scoop.


Unknown said...

Great interview! Billy is doing a fantastic job with his interpretation of Chad DiMera. I look forward to seeing more from Billy on DOOL in the years to come.

Michael Goldberg said...

Thanks Kay! Billy IS doing a great job as Chad. We have a new star on our hands!

Roger Newcomb said...

Loving Billy as Chad so far. Looking forward to seeing what's ahead for the character.

LeeAnn said...

I agree he is doing a great job. However I think he needs to show us the calves..I mean we need to make an educated decision..lol I agree about his eyes but I also think he is very handsome...said in a motherly way, sort of..lol since I am old enough to be his mom...;)

Michael Goldberg said...

I agree LeeAnn. We really do need to see some proof! :)

Unknown said...

They need to bring him back with Abigail. These two only shared few scenes, And I already feel the chemistry is on.

Congratz to Days for casting this guy. He is terrific. I wish Billy F the best of luck!

Michael Goldberg said...

There is some definite chemistry between Kate Mansi and Billy. He's a natural in the role and is what DAYS needed right now.

Mildred Boston said...

I. Can't wait for this show to come on if I am. Not going to be home I record it I love watching. Chad. And. Abigail

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