Charles Pratt, Jr. Named Head Writer of 'The Young and the Restless', Joins Jill Farren Phelps as Executive Producer

Chuck Pratt & Y&R's new head writer.
The Young and the Restless is making a a major change behind the scenes. Highlight Hollywood is reporting that Y&R executive producer Jill Farren Phelps has hired Charles "Chuck" Pratt, Jr. as the new head writer of the soap. Daytime Confidential confirms the news, adding Pratt will also receive an executive producer credit, although Phelps reportedly remains in charge.

Pratt is known for his scripting of primteime serials Melrose Place and Models, Inc., as well as daytime soap operas Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach, General Hospital and All My Children. His other credits include Pacific Palisades, Ugly Betty, The Colbys, Desperate Housewives, and Beverly Hills, 90210.

In 2000, he created primetime soap Titans with Aaron Spelling.

"Titans has unleashed in me things I missed writing," Pratt said at the time. "I don't mean soap operas and melodramas - I mean characters who have some wit, intelligence and bite to them."

He explained why the show cast so many former daytime actors.

"I get so angry in this stupid town when you mention you were on daytime and people give you a look, or they ask if you're going to use actors from daytime? It's like a dirty word, and makes me so furious. I have a new quote now 'What is cleaner than soap? You wash your hands with it every day, for god's sake!'"

All My Children legend Susan Lucci had harsh words for Pratt in her 2011 memoir.

"It was during one of our first meetings together that Chuck told the entire cast that he didn't believe in character-driven story lines, and he didn't care about characters. He said he was there to shake things up."

Pratt recently created and produced The Lying Game for ABC Family, starring Alexandra Chando.

He has received three Daytime Emmy awards for writing, and two more as a producer of General Hospital (with Phelps).

Pratt replaces the team of Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante as head writer for The Young and the Restless. They will reportedly remain on the show's writing staff for now. There's no word yet on when Pratt's material will begin to show up on the air.

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