'Dallas' Gets Intense: 6 Favorite Moments From This Week's Episode

Elena (Jordana Brewster) demanded Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and the Ewings make things right on this
week's episode of Dallas.
On Monday night's episode of TNT's Dallas, Elena was on fire and hellbent on getting restitution for the wrongs of the past (and present). Below are our 5 Favorite Moments from "Hurt":

1. The hour kicked off with Drew Ramos' funeral but quickly turned into an Elena offensive at Southfork. After the opening theme there was a long scene, featuring eight actors, in which Elena confronted Bobby and the Ewings with the fact that she knew they set Cliff up to take the fall for J.R.'s murder, and revealed her motive for helping him.  Elena was furious that J.R. swindled her father out of his land and left him drilling a "rock" until he died. It ultimately led to Drew's death as well.  Jordana Brewster gave a fantastic performance as Elena finally spilled her guts and laid out her demands for the Ewings. Patrick Duffy's excellent direction helped make the 10 minutes leading up to the first commercial so intense viewers needed the break in order to take a deep breath.

2. When Sue Ellen (the Emmy worthy Linda Gray) confronted Bobby about his lies and J.R.'s letter, she angrily said the one thing that would hurt him the most: "Miss Ellen would be ashamed of you."

3. Sue Ellen shared a sweet scene with Bum (Kevin Page) telling him that she should have been the first one to know J.R. was sick. Bum revealed he painted the portrait of J.R. that now hangs at Ewing Energies.  The two of them share a sweet chemistry that makes all their scenes a joy to watch.

4. Bobby eventually gave Elena everything she wanted, including the option to pardon Cliff Barnes (guest star Ken Kercheval). He warned her that Cliff would try to destroy the Ewings, saying, "Is that what you want, Elena, more bloodshed?" Elena coldly replied, "That's not my problem." A heartbroken Bobby, who apologized to her, revealed the hurt he felt about the entire situation and over what Elena had done. "You broke my heart today, Elena," Bobby told her.

5. Elena called Cliff to tell him she had arranged for his pardon. A smug Cliff, who always shows his hand and pushes too hard, told her, "I'm not stopping until I wipe the Ewings off the face of the earth." Elena later went to Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) and gave her the pardon, putting Cliff's fate in Pamela's hands.

6. Emma (Emma Bell) made a deal with the cartel to let them use Ryland trucks as long as they put her father, Harris, away for good this time. When she arrived home, Harris (Mitch Pileggi) and Ann (Brenda Strong) informed her that he was actually working for the CIA. The look on her face was priceless. Who would believe that? Even though it's true.

Clifftwister of the Night: Christopher went though some old teen letters he exchanged with Elena when they were teenagers and figured out that Nicolas' (Juan Pablo Di Pace) real name was Joaquin.  But is it too late?  Nicolas was driving leaving town with Elena at that very moment.

Best Line of the Night: John Ross went to Nicolas and revealed Elena was able to steal J.R.'s letter after having sex with him. "Who knew Elena could be such a.... thieving whore," John Ross said before flashing that patented Ewing smirk and walking away.

Special kudos to Aaron Allen who wrote the smart and intense script.

Judith is back, and tries to fix the Ryland's cartel problem.
In next Monday's episode, "Victims of Love," as Ewing Global goes public, twists and turns abound while everyone scrambles to claim ownership. Pamela struggles with what to do now that she knows Cliff didn't really kill J.R., and Bobby seeks the aide of an old flame Tracey McKay (guest star Melinda Clarke) to help get back control of the company. Meanwhile, Judith (guest star Judith Light) and Ryland work to fix their own problems with the cartel, which ends up putting lives in the balance and aligning the Rylands and Ewings in a way no one ever expected.

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