LMN Movie 'Runaway' Premieres September 28, Stars Sherry Stringfield, Robin Thomas Grossman, Jenna Boyd and Chris L. McKenna

Sherry Stringfield stars in Runaway, premiering September 28 on LMN.
LMN Original Movie, Runaway, premieres on Sunday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The film stars Sherry Stringfield (ER, Guiding Light), Robin Thomas Grossman (Life Unexpected, Another World), Jenna Boyd and Chris L. McKenna (The Young and the Restless, State of Affairs).

Miranda Baker (Stringfield) is enjoying her small slice of the American dream: a nice suburban home, the perfect daughter, her own business and a happy marriage to sexy Det. Jason Lansing (McKenna). Everything seems to be going her way... except for the fact that she's been on the run from her drug-kingpin ex (Robin Thomas Grossman) for the past 18 years. Miranda has managed to keep her old life a secret and has used every trick in the book to stay off the grid, because Rick is dangerous--and he's never forgiven Miranda for betraying him and running off with his money. But when a photo of Miranda pops up online, Rick picks up on the trail. Now, Miranda faces one of the most difficult decision of her life--does she once again go on the run with her daughter or stick around and fight back to take control of her life?

Watch a sneak peek video below:

Runaway was directed by Alex Wright.

The cast includes Robert Neary, Terry Walters, Miranda Frigon, Yvette Monreal and Kate Gorney.

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