Maria Friedman to Guest Star in 'EastEnders' (Spoilers)

Maria Friedman will play Elaine Peacock in EastEnders.
Three-time Olivier Award winner Maria Friedman will be starring in a guest role on British soap opera EastEnders as Elaine Peacock, Linda Carter’s mother.

Larger than life Elaine is set to ruffle some feathers at The Vic. She's a glamorous landlady, who loves to be the center of attention - and having successfully run her own pub for years, it is something she does well.

Although the relationship between mother and daughter has often been fraught, it is clear that it is mainly due to the women being so similar - if you have met Elaine, everything about Linda makes perfect sense.

One person who always has time for Elaine is her son in law, Mick. Having got on famously for years, the two are very close. It is down to Mick that Elaine arrives in Albert Square after he realises that something is not right with Linda. Not knowing that Linda is going through the toughest time of her life, Mick is hopeful that Elaine’s arrival will help but will it make things better or worse?

Friedman is best known for her performances in the West End productions of "Chicago," "Passion," "The Woman in White" and "Ragtime."

"I am thrilled to be joining the cast of EastEnders to play Elaine Peacock," Maria revealed. "Working alongside Kellie Bright and the rest of the Carter clan has been an absolute joy. It has also been a lovely experience to take my West End shoes East for a short trip!”

"Ever since Elaine became the voice on the end of the Queen Vic phone, we have been waiting to see just what kind of woman made Linda Carter," said EastEnders executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins.

"Elaine is tough, warm and capable - but also proud and more than a little vain, bringing with her a whole new dynamic when she arrives in Walford to sort out her daughter," Treadwell-Collins added. "Maria Friedman is a West End legend and we are all very excited to have someone of her pedigree playing Elaine Peacock."

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