Web Series Weekend: Help Make 'Pretty' The Series Season 4 Happen!

Another Web Series Weekend is here, and it's the perfect time to support one of the best ever. Steve Silverman's brilliant comedy Pretty won six Indie Series Awards, and countless other honors, during its first three seasons. Two years after what seemed like the end, Pretty has shot a fourth season, a "re-imagining" of the show, featuring original stars Stacy McQueen and Dee Freeman, as well as new cast additions such as DeVanity's Michael Caruso and Fumbling Thru the Pieces' Diane Delano. This could be epic! But the show needs our help.

Additional funding is needed for things like editing the episodes, color correcting, final audio mixing, Symphony video mixing for green screen, promotions and publicity. The goal is $4,444 and Pretty is nearly at 70% of its goal with 7 days left.  So close!  There are many campaigns on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and other crowd-funding websites for all kinds of projects, but they would be hard-pressed to match the talent and dedication behind this one.

To help make Pretty Season 4 happen, visit kickstarter.com. To catch up on the first three seasons of Pretty, visit prettytheseries.com.

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