Web Series Weekend: Jen Lilley & Jade Harlow Debut in 'Youthful Daze' Season 3 Premiere

What's going on with Monica Reynolds (Jade Harlow) and Natalie Cardin (Jen Lilley)?
It's Web Series Weekend, a great time to catch on the latest episodes of your favorite shows. On Sunday, the third season of Youthful Daze premiered. In the opener ("Your Body + My Lips"), Drew (Bryan James) remained torn between Tommy (Ethan Daniel Corbett) and Oliver (Easton Schirra). Elsewhere, Days of our Lives star Jen Lilley debuted as mysterious waitress Natalie Cardin. Jade Harlow, part of the Indie Series Award-nominated ensemble from The Bay, also made her first appearance as Natalie's friend and co-worker, Monica Reynolds.

Watch the drama unfold below:

Youthful Daze stars Bryan James (Drew Castle), Jessica Osgood (Mallorie Watson), Ash Nair (Sean Mercer), Easton Schirra (Oliver Cardin), Ethan Daniel Corbett (Tommy Dinato), Sarah Hester (Becca Malone), David Loren (Cody Ryan), Jen Lilley (Natalie Cardin), Mike C Manning (Colin Morris), Brittany Underwood (Sheila Edmundson) and Jonathan Lipnicki (Tyler Dean). Guest stars include Reese Mishler (Randy), David A Gregory (Richie), Nic Robuck (Shane), Candice Moll (Tiffany), James Preston (Travis), Paul Vandervort (Brad), and Jade Harlow (Monica).

Check out another new episode of Youthful Daze on Sunday night at youthfuldaze.com.

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