Web Series Weekend: 'Ragged Isle' Returns in 'Original of the Species'

Ragged Isle is back!  Dr. Hoffman has a surprising confrontation.
It's Web Series Weekend, a great time to catch on episodes from the shows you love, and to discover your latest obsession. Four-time Indie Series Award-winning Ragged Isle is one of our longtime favorites so we are overjoyed the show is back with its first new episode of 2014. In "Original of the Species," Dr. Brian Hoffman (Greg Tulonen) absorbs shocking news and confronts someone he holds responsible for many of the island's tragedies. Meanwhile, Julie Katsarakis (Amie E. Marzen) makes a disturbing discovery of her own.

Watch the mysteries of Ragged Isle unfold in the new episode below:

Directed by ISA winner Barry Dodd, Ragged Isle is written by Greg Tulonen from a story by Rick Dalton, Karen L. Dodd, Barry Dodd, Jacob Lear and Greg Tulonen. Shot in Maine, the show features an all-Maine cast and crew.

For more information or to catch up on previous episodes of Ragged Isle visit RaggedIsle.com and entertainmentexperiment.com.

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