Watch the Latest Episode of 'Youthful Daze'

Brittany Underwood plays Sheila in Youthful Daze.
Brittany Underwood made her long-awaited debut as Sheila Edmundson this past week in a super-sized episode of Youthful Daze and that isn't the only reason to catch the latest episode. We discovered Drew (Bryan James) is a screamer (Tommy is good in bed), Tyler (Jonathan Lipnicki) is a schemer (Sorry Natalie!), and Becca (Sarah Hester) landed in rehab for something other than reefer.

Easton Schirra as Oliver and Bryan James as Drew.
Meanwhile, Drew and Oliver (Easton Schirra) gave into temptation and Jade Harlow as Monica Reynolds and Jen Lilley as Natalie Cardin became the new comedic dream team. Why aren't they starring in their own sitcom?
Jade Harlow as Monica and Jen Lilley as Natalie.
Watch the action unfold below:

Youthful Daze is currently airing Season Three episodes every Sunday night at

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