'Dallas' Showrunner: "There's CMT, There's Reelz, There's WGN, There are A Lot of Possibilities"

Dallas showrunner Cynthia Cidre revealed some interesting information in a new Yahoo TV interview regarding the potential future of the beloved series, recently canceled by TNT after three seasons. Netflix or other streaming services were thought by some to be the perfect place for Dallas to continue but foreign deals in place for the show take them out of the equation.

"A streaming service is not compatible with our foreign deals, unfortunately, because those deals are all very profitable, and the rest of the world loves Dallas," Cidre explained. "So I think we're looking at cable. There's CMT, there's Reelz, there's WGN, there are a lot of possibilities."

While the viewership numbers for Dallas decreased for TNT over three seasons, the audience that still watches is very loyal, and that makes a difference.

"We may only get 3.3 million [viewers] or something, but those are people you can count on and who will find it if it moves to a different network," said Cidre. "You don't even have to do this massive advertising. It's not like a casual fan who drops in and enjoys the show for three weeks and then decides they're going to go watch something else."

A "Save Dallas" petition created by fans currently has over 76,000 signatures. Sign it here.

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