Does CBS Want To Replace Its Soaps with Talk Shows? Daytime Chief Angelica McDaniel Responds: 'Anyone Who Says That Is Greatly Misinformed'

Alex Ben Block's column in the October 31 issue of The Hollywood Reporter ("What's Behind 'Young and the Restless' Ratings Drop") raises a number of interesting questions including whether or not CBS is secretly hoping its daytime soaps fade so they can be replaced by lower-cost talk shows.

"That's hilarious, and anyone who says that is greatly misinformed," says Angelica McDaniel, who became head of CBS daytime in 2012. "While some say the numbers are softening, we feel the numbers are very strong. They're up about 5 percent from where we were last year."

This season, Y&R has steadied the ship, and it recently brought in a new head writer. In fact, it’s doing better than anyone knew until October 20 when Nielsen made public revised data for daytime TV in the wake of a national ratings glitch that has rocked the industry.

While Y&R held steady and The Bold and the Beautiful actually grew, according to the revised numbers, General Hospital's audience dropped about 8 percent overall and about 14 percent in the key demo of women 25-to-54.

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