'EastEnders' Halloween Trailer: Can Dot Really See Nick?

Dot is sure she has seen Nick's ghost.
A promo for the upcoming Halloween episodes on British soap opera EastEnders asks the question, "Do You Believe In Ghosts?" Two Albert Square regulars are left unsettled after some spooky encounters.

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

Unaware that her son's death was a ruse, Dot (June Brown) becomes convinced that she has seen Nick's (John Altman) ghost after catching sight of Nick through the window.

Meanwhile, Lauren(Jacqueline Jossa) pursues a masked figure who has been watching her from across the street. As Lauren pulls off the person’s weeping angel disguise to expose their identity, who will she find looking back at her?

Watch the promo below:

"Nick has got himself into a bit of a fix," Altman told The Mirror. "He's run out of money again and he's been out of the country, mixing with the criminal elite in Spain I believe! Nick is in a bit of a corner, though. Having declared himself dead, he doesn’t want to be seen. He's almost returning in spirit form!"

Catch all the drama next week on BBC One.

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