EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Easton Schirra on 'Youthful Daze' and Getting Cast as a Bully

Easton Schirra
You might recognize actor Easton Schirra from his appearances in shows like General Hospital, iCarly or Zoey 101. He's currently starring as Oliver Cardin in Youthful Daze.

Serial Scoop spoke with Schirra to get his take on the character of Oliver. We also revisited his General Hospital bullying days. Read our exclusive interview below:

SERIAL SCOOP: I was looking at IMDb and, much to my surprise, I saw that you were in a couple of episodes of General Hospital as Tristan, who bullied poor Michael Corinthos.
EASTON SCHIRRA: My type is "prep school bully," it's really weird. [Laughs] I'm always playing the mean guy. And in real life I don't think that I'm mean. I'm actually pretty sensitive.

SERIAL SCOOP: You seem nice to me. [Laughs] You played opposite Michael when he was played by Drew Garret and then Chad Duell. It wasn't clear if you were playing the same character.
EASTON SCHIRRA: It was considered the same character. And I got a glimmer of hope that I would come back again as Tristan, but it didn't happen. Mark Techner is great. I'm still close with them at General Hospital. I hope that one day that something bigger will come of that. It was really fun.

SERIAL SCOOP: It's good to be on Mark Teschner's radar. How did you get involved with Youthful Daze?
EASTON SCHIRRA: Bryan James and I met in acting class, and we did a scene together and we ended up becoming good friends, and wrote a feature length script of Youthful daze. We filmed a trailer since it was a film, and we wanted to film a little teaser and eventually make the whole thing. But life happens, school hit, we were auditioning, and we didn't get around to it. Later, Bryan divided it out into a web series. He took it upon himself to create this empire of this world and it's so crazy. We started with a little baby and he just held its hand and it's grown into what it's become now. There is so much behind it. The situations and the content that we deal with is not typical content you would have on another show. The way it is delivered is a little hyper realistic and more dramatic but we love that about it. It shows the raw side of what could really happen in a young person's life. It's really cool to see it blossom.

SERIAL SCOOP: Oliver started out as a psychopath and transformed into a sexy bad boy and has become a really complex character. He's now part of this huge triangle with Drew and Tommy. What do you think about the change in the character?
EASTON SCHIRRA: It's fun. It's definitely taken a turn to a more sympathizing character, and the audience will begin to like my character more. Hopefully at the end people will be pleased. There are many different things that I am playing off in this love triangle, and there is a lot coming. There is a lot of clashing. Drew is obviously going to have to make a decision between me and Tommy. It's hard for him. I am definitely the temptation that's always lurking in the back of his mind.

Easton Schirra plays Oliver Cardin in Youthful Daze.
SERIAL SCOOP: When I spoke to Bryan I asked him about working with you and he said, "I trust him completely. He doesn't know this but I would take a bullet for him in real life. I really would. It doesn't matter if we are around each other every day or don't talk for a long time. It doesn't change the dynamic between us, even when we've fought in real life. There is this respect I have for him that is so strong inside me and that goes beyond any misplaced words or hurt feelings." So, how do you respond to that? [Laughs] It's pretty deep.
EASTON SCHIRRA: I know. When I read that it hit me hard. It's been so long since this whole thing started and, as you can imagine with any production, there's a lot of things that happen and go on, especially in the industry. It's very personal to us. And he has been very close to me and a very dear friend.

We share a lot of the same mutual feelings on topics, especially things that are dealt with in Youthful Daze. We just have a strong connection and a chemistry. It's easy with him. I feel like it's magic sometimes, in the sense where it feels right for us. There's something very special with that. It's a very important relationship that I would never let anything happen to. No matter what happens, we will stay close.

SERIAL SCOOP: In the Tommy, Drew, and Oliver story, why do you think that Oliver could be a good choice for Drew?
EASTON SCHIRRA: It was Oliver and Drew from the beginning. [Laughs]

SERIAL SCOOP: Those are fighting words. Watch out Tommy!
EASTON SCHIRRA: I really think Drew is torn and has feelings for both. But the deep passion lies in Oliver's court. There's something about Oliver's character that drives him crazy. I think that also is needed in a relationship.


Watch the latest episode of Youthful Daze below.

Catch up on Youthful Daze at youthfuldaze.com.

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