'General Hospital': Rebecca Herbst & Billy Miller Have Supercouple Chemistry as Liz & Jason

Jason (Billy Miller) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).  Photo Credit: ABC
The bandages were removed from the mystery patient's face on Monday's episode of General Hospital. The "Jake" Doe is actually Jason Morgan, previously played by Steve Burton and now brought to life by three-time Emmy winner Billy Miller. "Jake" is receiving incredible care and support from Nurse Elizabeth Webber, played by Rebecca Herbst.

Herbst is known as a bit of a magnet, displaying surprising chemistry with most of her scene partners. But there's something extra special about the chemistry between Herbst and Miller. They have "it," the type of electricity that supercouples are made of in TV shows and movies.

Will Liz recognize Jason now that the bandages are off? Will their amazing chemistry shift from supportive friends to epic romance? "Liason" 2.0? Or is it "Lake"? What will Sam, Jason's wife, have to say about it?

Once his face was revealed, "Jake" asked Elizabeth, "What do you think?"

There are so many questions, and few answers to date, but I am loving what I'm seeing so far between Elizabeth and Jason. Tuesday's episode can't come quick enough.

Watch the final scene from Monday, with Jason's bandages being removed, in the clip below:

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I really like these two together too.

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