'General Hospital' Sneak Peek: Jason Asks Liz About Lucky

Liz and Jason talk about Lucky on General Hospital. Photo Credit: ABC
During the week of October 13-17, 2014 on ABC soap opera General Hospital, chilly reunions and even colder revenge plans are in the air.

At the hospital, when Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) takes "Jake's" (Billy Miller) fingerprints, he wonders if he really wants to know who he is.

"I'm not sure I want my prints to show up in some law enforcement database," says "Jake", who is actually Jason Morgan. "What if I have unpaid parking tickets?"

Their conversation turns to Liz's ex, Lucky Spencer.

"Lucky, huh?" Doesn't really sound like an appropriate name for someone who couldn't hold on to you," Jason tells her.

"If you're trying to get out of physical therapy, you're going to have to do better than that," Liz replies.

Watch a GH sneak peek video of their conversation below:

Spoiler Alert! Don't miss General Hospital on Monday, October 13, when Elizabeth makes a surprising discovery.

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