'How to Get Away with Murder' Features the Steamiest Gay Sex Scene in Network TV History

Connor (left) regularly uses his talents to obtain key information on cases.
Law student Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) was front and center on Thursday's episode of How to Get Away with Murder on ABC, including the steamiest gay sex scene in broadcast TV history.

In this week's case, Annalise (Viola Davis) is defending the head of Trudeau Securities, Marren Trudeau (Elizabeth Perkins), who is charged with insider trading. Connor stops by the trading room floor and seeks out Marren's sexy assistant, Pax Curtis (Niko Pepaj). The two have a quick romp in the office like nothing ever seen on network television. After exchanging smoldering glances, Connor corners Pax, who confidently pulls down his pants. Connor quickly notices Pax's impressive endowment, leading Pax to say, "Yeah, I know."

Watch their encounter below:

Connor makes a quick exit so he can listen in on Pax's incoming phone call. He left a recorder in the room which catches Pax telling someone else that Marren's lawyers still think she's behind the illegal trading.

Connor gets help from his kinda-sorta boyfriend, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), to figure out the call went inside Trudeau Securities. When the team tells Marren, they all confront Pax. She is livid. He confesses and says it was his chance to do something other than live her life and do her errands. Just as everyone walks away, Pax throws himself out the window.

Oliver throws Connor out of his apartment after hearing the entire Pax recording, which reveals the two had sex.

The show's creator, Peter Norwalk, is determined to make viewers comfortable with same-sex sex scenes and is championing the cause for gay sex on television.

"Writing the gay characterization and writing some real gay sex into a network show is to right the wrong of all of the straight sex that you see on TV," said Norwalk in an interview with E! Online. "Because I didn't see that growing up, and I feel like the more people get used to two men kissing, the less weird it will be for people."

A promo for the episode stressed the importance of the final 9 words of the show. The closing scene had Annalise getting ready for bed, slowly stripping off her make-up and lashes. She takes off her rings and peels off her wig. Sam (Tom Verica) walks in, kisses Annalise and says he hears that Rebecca is out on bail.

The final 9 words of the show: She asks Sam, "Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?"

Watch the entire episode at abc.com.

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