Indie Comedy 'Flip and Glib... And The Theory of Everything' Premieres November 10

Annie Abrams and Stephanie Erb star in Flip and Glib... And The Theory of Everything.

Discover the meaning of the Universe, why we are here and if those lights coming from your garbage disposal are aliens - or not - when the brand new web comedy Flip and Glib... And The Theory of Everything, premieres on Monday, November 10.

"Writing and producing this web series has been an entirely new and exciting challenge for me," reveals Stanley Drama Award winning writer, Richard Hirsch, "as well as a ton of fun. As with a play I might write for the stage, my goal is to have audiences be entertained as they contemplate matters of

Starring Stephanie Erb (recently seen as Sharon's therapist on The Young and the Restless), Annie Abrams (Without A Trace), and Patrick J. Rafferty (Phineas & Ferb). The project is directed by veteran character actor/voice over artist, Mark L. Taylor.

Watch the Flip and Glib trailer below:

Episodes begin rolling out November 10 on an internet near you.

* 6th Annual Indie Series Awards Now Taking Submissions

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