Justin Hartley on Playing Adam Newman on 'The Young and the Restless': "I'd Like to Add A Little Bit of Levity"

The Young and the Restless stars Justin Hartley, Melissa Claire Egan and Burgess Jenkins.
Justin Hartley makes his debut as Adam Newman in The Young and the Restless on Wednesday, November 5. He spoke to The Wrap about replacing Michael Muhney in the role, his take on the character, friendly new castmates and working with Sally Kellerman.

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

What is your general approach to the character? What will distinguish your portrayal?
I'd like to add a little bit of levity to certain things, depending on what's happening. In this genre, there are days where you go in and there is absolutely no room for any kind of levity, it's all serious and things like that. And then there are other days where you can get a little broader with the character and things like that. I think as long as I have my finger on the pulse of what's going on story-wise and the character and where I'm coming from, I think it will just sort of happen. And I think I'm taller — I think I'll add a little height.

You've primarily been working with fellow newcomer Sally Kellerman so far. What can you say about your experience with her, and Adam's interaction with her character?
Fantastic. She's prepared, obviously, but in a way that sort of … she has a lot of flavor to what she does, so the words jump off the page for sure, and it's fun to work with her. And it's totally different dynamics because of the generational gap, so it's not the typical, "Here's the guy, here's the girl, they're dating, and they get it a fight and then they make up." It's a totally different thing. I'm sort of going behind her back and doing something that she's unaware of, and she's this sweet older lady and she's playing this sort of frail, very lovely woman. She's right in the wheelhouse of Adam's shark jaws. So we'll see what happens. I think he's gonna be kind to her — I hope he is. I hope they end up working it out. I hope he doesn't end up destroying this sweet older woman, but that's not up to me.
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