Sunday, October 5, 2014

LMN Movie 'Don't Look Back' Premieres Tonight, Stars Lucy Griffiths, Cassidy Freeman and Kate Burton

Don't Look Back premieres October 5 on LMN.
The LMN original movie, Don't Look Back, premieres on Sunday, October 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The film stars Lucy Griffiths (True Blood), Cassidy Freeman (Longmire) and Emmy Award Nominee Kate Burton (Scandal).

Nora Clark (Lucy Griffiths) is a children's book writer whose life is at a crossroads. After moving back into the house she inherited from her grandmother, Nora deals with harrowing memories from her childhood, and takes in a new roommate named Payton. Payton (Cassidy Freeman) is charming and seductive, but she turns out to be the roommate from hell. Will Nora make it out of this dire situation alive?

Watch a sneak peek video below:

Don't look Back was written and directed by William Dickerson.

The cast includes Holly Kaplan, Taylor McCluskey, Tyler Jacob Moore, Leslie Murphy, Roddy Piper, Ayman Samman and Alie Urquhart.


  1. Someone please explain me the end of that movie. I did not get it.

  2. Camp counselor was really the abuser

  3. I'm with Freddie, please explain the end!!!

  4. I don't understand the end either

  5. I think in the end we find out that Payton was not really a person, but a split personality of Nora.

    1. This explanation would totally satisfy me if the police officer hadn't acknowledged that they caught her [Peyton ] and that she was going away for a long time. When he came up the stairs to see just Nora sitting there, MPD was the first thing that came to mind until the last two minutes of the film played and I was completely thrown off.

  6. My perspective is that Nora had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) that can occur when someone endures horrible childhood trauma such as extreme sexual abuse which causes them to split/refract into more than one personality in order to cope. Nora sustained this kind of abuse at the "hands" of Eddy, and when she went off the deep end, she actually cut his hands off. And Payton was not a real person but instead an imaginary personality existing only in Nora's mind. I found this film a great brain teaser & I'm now going to watch it all over again from the beginning to review all the clues! Kudo's to the writer of this script!

  7. Reminds me of the film Secret Window.