Michael Kowch Releases New Book, "A Story.... The Text-Book Romance of Him and Me"

From radio host, National Press Club member Michael Kowch comes, "A Story.... The Text-Book Romance of Him and Me," the story of two men looking for an emotional connection in a 21st century technology-ridden world. One, gay and just getting over the death of his husband; the other straight and married, looking for love on the side. Can a socially unacceptable romance become a deep love, a forever love?

“This is my gay answer to 50 Shades Of Grey,” says Kowch, with a smile, “I wanted to explore the impossibilities - and possibilities - of finding real love in our present day complicated world.”

Michael Kowch is Canadian born and now resides in the US. His radio show "On the A List" is broadcast out of New Zealand and is heard globally on International Connection Radio (ICR).

Paperback or download the Kindle version available at Amazon.com.

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