EXCLUSIVE: Nelson Aspen Dishes on His New Book "My Prime Time"

International entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen.
Nelson Aspen is one of entertainment's most charming personalities in TV, radio, print and online. He juggles regular correspondent duties for New Zealand's Good Morning and in his tenth year for Australia's #1 rated Sunrise as their Show Business Editor, bringing the latest in entertainment and pop culture to millions of viewers around the world each morning. He has also recently released a new memoir, "My Prime Time," a fun-filled, lighthearted account of embracing aging, looking after your physical and emotional well being, celebrating friendships, investing in relationships, maintaining family ties, keeping financially savvy and above all: celebrating all this good about each and every day.

Serial Scoop got the dish on "My Prime Time" from Aspen himself. Read our exclusive interview below:

SERIAL SCOOP: What inspired you to write "My Prime Time"?
NELSON ASPEN: My publisher asked me if I had any ideas for my next book and I was approaching my 50th birthday at the time and planning a blow-out celebration. It occurred to me that so many people have hang ups about so-called "Middle Age" and there I was planning parties and running marathons. I felt like I had some inspiration to give!

SERIAL SCOOP: You always have so many projects happening, and are traveling the world, so when did you have time to work on this book?
NELSON ASPEN: I am always on the move, but that's the nice thing about writing: you can do it anywhere. The book is divided into distinct chapters and genres, so I could easily dive into a particular subject matter at any given moment.

SERIAL SCOOP: You've been in the entertainment business since you were a kid. What was your initial motivation to get started in the industry?
NELSON ASPEN: My mother wisely decided it was healthier for me to be on a stage interacting with other actors than talking to my imaginary friends ha ha! Even as a kid watching endless repeats of my favorite sitcoms, Merv Griffin and Michael Douglas, the daily P&G soaps with my grandmother and, of course, the annual Oscars telecast...I knew I would be a part of the Show Business community.

SERIAL SCOOP: I've always loved reading your remembrances of working on the soap opera Search for Tomorrow. Does "My Prime Time" include your daytime drama days
NELSON ASPEN: "The Past is Prologue" and those formative years working in Daytime are always with me, so of course they are included in this book. Soap fans will recognize quite a few folks in its pages.

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