Paige Wanted Sex from JJ, Lucas and Kate Vowed to Help Sami on 'Days of our Lives'

On Monday's episode of Days of our Lives (October 20, 2014), Paige Larson wanted sex from a shirtless JJ Deveraux. She broke into the Horton House, jumped into his bed, and was ready for action. Paige was certain JJ wanted it, but when he turned her down she left in a huff.

Nicole Walker and Chad DiMera bonded over EJ’s death. Later, Nicole was surprised when Dr. Daniel Jonas arrived and offered his friendship.

The aforementioned Daniel spent most of the hour in Kristen DiMera’s hotel room. She planned to destroy Theresa Donovan and needed Daniel's help. Jennifer Horton busted into the hotel room and asked Kristen, “Are you going after Daniel now?” “You have a history of ruining men’s lives.” Jennifer declared she wouldn’t let Kristen destroy Daniel’s life. Kristen was kind and didn’t remind Jennifer of the men Jennifer has driven to insanity.

Eve Baron Donovan Deveraux Larson flirted with Eric Brady.

Sami Brady DiMera “pumped the stock,” and may face prison time. Kate Roberts and Sami's ex-husband Lucas Horton vowed to help her. As the episode ended, Sami and lucas's loyal and loving son Will Horton eavesdropped on their conversation.

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