PHOTOS: 'Los Miserables' Private Screening in Mexico

Los Miserables stars Gabriel Porras, Aylin Mujica, Aracely Arambula and Erik Hayser.
The cast of Telemundo's new original production of Los Miserables attended a private screening of the first episode last night in Mexico. Check out photos from the screening below as well as a list of Los Miserables characters:

Aracely Arambula plays "Lucha" in Los Miserables.
Lucía "Lucha" Durán – Aracely Arámbula
Thirty-year-old "Lucha" has spent 11 years in a US prison accused of being an accomplice in a crime she did not commit. She has the serene and melancholy beauty of those who have suffered deeply. She is a woman of few means and dresses simply, but everything looks great on her: Her natural and sensual elegance shine through without a lot of window dressing or false modesty. Nothing has come easy for "Lucha," even in her childhood, which was ruled by a despotic mother (Fernanda). Her teenage years were tumultuous and rebellious, especially after she fell for a handsome young hoodlum from the neighborhood. She’s had 11 years in prison to reflect, and during that time the rebellious young girl has turned into an introverted adult. However, "Lucha" has a natural charisma and everyone around her respects her, even though she says little and makes few demands. Her reserved character makes people curious about her. When she falls in love she is passionate, but she keeps it inside until her raw emotions break through the walls she has built around herself. She is gentle, warm and sympathetic to those who suffer and fiercely opposes those who abuse them. After surviving so much misfortune she is not afraid of death or losing everything, mostly because she has nothing to begin with. She is a woman with “a soul of iron.” Unfortunately, fate leads her to play a dangerous game of truth and lies with the man who will show her what it means to love: her pursuer and nemesis, the “despotic” Daniel Ponce, whom she will love like no one she has ever loved before. Daniel is harsh and implacable but Lucha is incapable of holding a grudge against him or the rest of her enemies. Her true quarrel is with God, whom she sees as her one great adversary.

Erik Hayser plays Daniel in Los Miserables.
Daniel Ponce – Erik Hayser
As chief detective of the narcotics division, Daniel despises drug traffickers, drug addicts and everyone involved in their world. Handsome and harsh, he doesn’t have to work hard to attract women, who find his strange mix of passion and coldness irresistible. He is good at his profession, maybe the best, but his methods often stray from the rulebook. Brilliant, logical and intuitive, he prefers to move and dress like a renegade. He loves his motorcycle, forgets to wear suits or shave, and infiltrates the seedier parts of the city like a fish in the water, moving among prostitutes and thieves. But Daniel can never forget the tragic way he lost his mother; this may account for his reluctance to commit to a relationship or start a family. He is afraid of becoming dependent on love and then losing it like he lost his mother. His closest ties are to his Aunt Amparo and his half-brother, César Mondragón.

Aylín Mujica plays Liliana in Los Miserables.
Liliana Durán – Aylín Mujica
One of the three Durán daughters, Liliana is as pretty as her sisters Helena and “Lucha,” but everyone says she looks more like “Lucha” – a comparison she detests. She has her mother’s character and ambition; she is determined to succeed in life and she doesn’t care who stands in her way. She has always envied her sisters, especially “Lucha,” who was so popular with the boys as a teenager. Liliana is now the successful head of public relations for the Echeverría companies. Her deep-seated ambition makes her a sinister and dangerous woman who is capable even of murder if it means getting her way.

César Mondragón - Aarón Díaz
Fortunate and successful, César is basically a good guy. Raised as he was in a happy and wealthy home, it is easy for him to be generous. He is charismatic, friendly, attractive, open minded and a good lawyer. With all of these qualities, it would be easy to see him in politics, and he has had good luck in this sphere as well, winning a Congressional seat in his first run for office. In sum, César is a winner who has it all, except a family. At the age of 21, he fell wildly in love with a beautiful debutante, the fabulously rich Déborah Echeverría, but after several years of marriage he can’t stand being around the spoiled socialite. They have a son, Octavio, who is a kindred spirit and has an excellent relationship with his father. César’s best friend and confidante is his half-brother, Daniel, whom he loves and admires. The two have an unbreakable bond, but little do they know that they are both in love with the same woman.

Gabriel Porras plays "El Diablo" in Los Miserables.
Olegario "El Diablo" Marrero - Gabriel Porras
Olegario is a powerful drug trafficker, the head of the country’s most powerful cartel. His masculinity and self-confidence lend him a certain attraction, and he is charming and good with words. At first sight he can seem like a friendly, good-natured sort, but behind this façade is a terrible human being capable of the most shocking crimes, earning him the nickname “El Diablo.” Olegario’s worst enemy is Daniel; in addition to the natural antagonism between the two, “El Diablo” is insanely jealous of the effect the policeman has on women.

Macarena Oz plays Roxana in Los Miserables.
Roxana Pérez - Macarena Oz
An adorable 10- or 11-year-old girl who is like a daughter to “Lucha.” As the story progresses they become allies and accomplices, with Roxanita offering unexpected advice that attests to her ability to survive in a hostile world. The girl also loves Daniel Ponce, seeing him as just the type of man she wants as a father. She and Amparo become the matchmakers for the star-crossed couple. Roxana’s sweetness and spontaneity lend a happy and tender note to the drama.

Verónica Terán plays Amparo in Los Miserables.
Sor Amparo Ponce - Verónica Terán
Amparo is sainthood in action, a vital, fiery and practical force who comes right out and tells the truth. She isn’t tactful or fragile, and she has combative relationship with God, whom she criticizes for not always helping her spread His message of love. She has worked hard to found a hospital for the poor, funding it through tireless appeals to the capital’s wealthy industrialists. The hospital treats the city’s most marginalized sectors with love and charity, and Amparo has plans to open another one like it. She adores her nephew, Daniel, although she constantly scolds him for his lack of manners. She is the safe haven “Lucha” turns to when she needs consolation and company.

Gastón Gordillo - Rodrigo Vidal
Gastón is anal, controlling, stingy and cold. The only time he gave free rein to his passions he made Consuelo pregnant, and he now blames her for all of his misfortunes. He was the only child of a widow who made him believe they were always one step away from dying of hunger, even though in reality his father had left enough money for them to live decently and to pay for Gastón’s education. He has a double life: On the surface, he is unimpeachable, going to Mass and taking Communion every Sunday, but in private he is a regular client of prostitutes he visits to satisfy his inordinate sexual appetites.

Diego Soldano plays Pablo in Los Miserables.
Pablo Riobueno - Diego Soldano
Handsome, virile and intelligent, Pablo is an undercover policeman working as a gardener at the Echeverría mansion. He soon discovers that his high school sweetheart, now a society lady, is married to the suspect he is investigating. The worst thing that can happen to a policeman is to be distracted by a force as powerful as love during an investigation, and Pablo’s mission is now at risk because of two women: one he loves and one who will fall hopelessly in love with him.

Carlos Gallardo - Aldo Gallardo
Carlos is a brilliant psychiatrist who is handsome but would be even more appealing if he didn’t so completely embody the stereotype of the absent-minded intellectual. He is kindhearted and excellent at his job, with a keen eye for unraveling the mysteries of the human psyche, especially when it is in turmoil. As long as he isn’t emotionally involved, he is capable of excellent detective work. Carlos is Daniel’s best friend and he will soon become close to “Lucha” as well, and an important part of the story’s plot.

Radamés Echeverría - Javier Díaz Dueñas
A mature man, still attractive, distinguished and well-mannered, but in reality an abuser of women, subtly sadistic and manipulative. Radamés has always been rich and powerful but now his influence is at its peak thanks to his alliance with a leading drug cartel. He is César Mondragón’s father-in-law, father of Déborah Echeverría de Mondragón and Ignacio Echeverría Durán, and the husband of Helena Durán, “Lucha’s” older sister. Frustrated with Helena’s passivity and lack of passion, he vents his sexual aggressions with inappropriate partners. His only soft spot is for his son, Nachito.

Estela Calderón plays Déborah in Los Miserables.
Déborah Echeverría - Estela Calderón
A woman around 37 years old, beautiful but plastic and artificial. Vain, disloyal, manipulative and stubborn, she is negative and annoying, incapable of love even for her own son, Octavio, whom she neglects. She spends her time making life impossible for everyone around her, especially her stepmother, Helena, and her family.

Luis Uribe plays Genaro in Los Miserables.
Genaro Cabello - Luis Uribe
A corrupt policeman who resents seeing younger colleagues rise through the ranks. This is how he feels about Daniel, who was once his subordinate but is now his boss. Genaro is reaching retirement age; with neither a glorious past to be proud of nor a bright future ahead of him, he has been bought off by the cartel and gives it first-hand information for money. As his life gets more and more complicated he becomes dangerous, like a cornered animal.

Nuria Pérez - Elsy Reyes
The sister of Rosalía Pérez, Roxana’s biological mother. Nuria is attractive but vulgar, a product of the poor neighborhood she grew up in, and scrapes out a living as a prostitute. She threw away her youth on dissolute pastimes and at 35 she is a decrepit alcoholic living in a miserable apartment left to her by her recently deceased mother. She hates her niece, whom she abuses and sends out to beg. Together with Roque Sarmiento, her lover and pimp, Nuria plans to sell Roxanita into white slavery.

Marco Treviño plays Ignacio in Los Miserables.
Ignacio Durán - Marco Treviño
Ignacio is a good man. Despite his humble circumstances, he is distinguished and affable. He is beaten down by defeat and the nagging of his sharp-tongued wife. Many years ago, the Duráns had money but the family fortune was lost.

María Barbosa plays Fernanda in Los Miserables.
Fernanda Monteagudo de Durán - María Barbosa
A good-looking and imposing woman in her early 50s, Fernanda still retains traces of her legendary beauty. She is an arriviste who took advantage of her beauty and intelligence to marry a man she believed to the heir to a great fortune, Ignacio Durán. After the family lost all of its money she became bitter, going back to waiting tables and cooking at her parents’ rundown restaurant.

Alexandra de la Mora plays Helena in Los Miserables.
Helena Durán de Echeverría - Alexandra de la Mora
The oldest Durán sister, Helena is perhaps the most beautiful and elegant of Ignacio and Fernanda’s daughters. Her mother raised her to feel entitled to royal treatment, and as the wife of millionaire Radamés Echeverría she is on the capital’s best-dressed list every year. She is generous to her family and looks out for their well being as much as her authoritarian and despotic husband allows. Under her veneer of indifference, Helena hides years of pain and humiliation at the hands of her husband and stepdaughter, but she is stoic and never complains.

Consuelo Durán de Gordillo - Anastasia
The second oldest of Ignacio and Fernanda’s daughters, Consuelo was never as pretty as her sisters, but what she lacks in beauty she makes up for in affection, kindness, love of life and charisma. Generous and outgoing, she tends to talk too much. She can’t resist saying what she thinks.

Victoria Gordillo Durán - Eva Daniela
A bright and dedicated student, Vicky is a book mouse who knows a little bit about everything and is on the hunt for a scholarship to get her as far away as she can from her family. Physically, she is everything her grandmother Fernanda hates in a woman. She in turn deplores her mother’s passivity, even though she loves her deeply.

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