'Serial Scoop Now' #1: 'Weight' New York City VIP Party & Screening with Martha Byrne, Daryn Strauss, Elizabeth Hubbard, Michael Park & Anne Sayre

The stars of Daytime TV came out to support Martha Byrne and Daryn Strauss at a screening of
comedy series Weight in New York City. Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos
On Wednesday, October 8, Serial Scoop Now attended the very first screening of comedy series Weight in New York City. Two-time Emmy Award-winning actress Martha Byrne (As the World Turns, Gotham, Crisis) stars as Claire, a woman who returns to her family a hundred pounds lighter after appearing for three months on a reality show. Written by WGA Award nominee Daryn Strauss (Downsized), Weight is smart, funny, dramatic and relatable, receiving loud bursts of laughter throughout the entire screening.

In our premiere episode, Serial Scoop Now host Michael Goldberg dishes with Byrne and Strauss about Weight, and catches up with Byrne's former As the World Turns co-stars, Michael Park, Anne Sayre, and Elizabeth Hubbard. Hubbard is currently winning over a whole new generation fans who are riveted by her portrayal of Dr. Althea Davis in The Doctors reruns on Retro TV.

"I'm very inspired by the things that make people act totally crazy," Strauss tells SSN. "I wrote a series called Downsized not too long ago and it was about how money makes people act crazy and desperate and do really crazy things. Weight is another one of those things. When weight is involved, people act a little nuts."

Watch below:

For more on Weight, visit weighttheseries.com.


DNBursky said...

I miss seeing Anne Sayre and Elizabeth Hubbard on TV/movies. Great interviews.

eddie emmons said...

How is La Hubbard not in demand!!!!

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