'The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks' Book Will Reveal What Happened the Past 25 Years

Flatiron Books has announced its Macmillan division will publish "The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks," a novel that promises to reveal what has happened to the residents of that mythical burg since they were last seen a quarter-century ago on the groundbreaking ABC series, Twin Peaks, which aired in 1990-91.

The publisher said Thursday the book is being written by Mark Frost, who was co-creator and executive producer of the series with David Lynch. It will be published in advance of the Showtime sequel announced last week to air in 2016.

Frost called the novel a "dream project."

The Showtime limited series will be written and produced by the original creators, and Lynch will direct.

* 'Twin Peaks' Returning in 2016 as a Showtime Limited Series

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