EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Colleen Zenk & Walt Willey in 'Thurston' Season 3

Colleen Zenk and Walt Willey as Agnes and Edmund Snead. Photo Credit: Tyger Belton
Indie Series Award-winning Thurston is a Western drama about the residents of a remote mining town and their struggle for survival in the 1880's Kansas Ozarks. Written by Kathryn O'Sullivan, directed by Paul Awad, and produced by them both, the first two seasons of Thurston had it all: romance, suspense, courtroom drama, showdowns, changing alliances and one complicated relationship after another. None were more complex or as fascinating to watch as the dynamics among the Snead family.

The Family Snead

Agnes (Colleen Zenk): Thurston's shrewd former madam. Mother of the Snead boys. Fierce and domineering, she takes care of herself and her own.

Edmund (Walt Willey): A charming scoundrel and gambler. Husband to Agnes and father of the Snead boys. Dangerous to those who cross him.

Harlan (Evan Casey): Lawman turned gunman. Oldest son of Thurston’s former madam Agnes Snead. Cunning, controlling and cruel.

Amon (Felipe Cabezas): The middle Snead brother. Suffers from a “derangement of the mind” after a mineshaft accident. Leaves bodies in his wake.

Owen (Garrett Brennan): The youngest Snead. Babied by his mother and bullied by his brother Harlan. Years of resentment simmer just below the surface.
Production on the third season of Thurston is currently underway and Serial Scoop has an exclusive first look from the set. In Season 3 Agnes and Edmund are reunited and it has ripple effects for the entire Snead family. This is going to be epic!

Check out one more photo below of Agnes and Edmund's reunion.

Walt Willey and Colleen Zenk as Edmund and Agnes Snead. Photo Credit: Tyger Belton

Catch up on the first two seasons of Thurston at thurston-series.com.

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