'General Hospital' Segments Airing on ABC 7 in New York Every Monday in November (Watch the First)

"We're there comfort food," Lynn Herring says about the longtime characters on the show.
ABC 7 in New York City air a segment on General Hospital on Monday, featuring some of the cast and executive producer Frank Valentini talking about the show's turnaround from the brink of cancellation three years ago. The features includes Ryan Paevey (Nathan), Vinessa Antoine (Jordan), Lynn Herring (Lucy), Finola Hughes (Anna), Jason Thompson (Patrick) and Laura Wright (Carly).

"What happened on October 31st and just shifted everything in Port Charles," Wright teases.

Historical Note: Laura Wright debuted as Carly on General Hospital 9 years ago today (November 4, 2005).

"Problems for me come in two forms, romantic and family," Paevey adds. "I got problems in both arenas going on right now"

"It's a big commitment to watch five hours of television a week, it's a lot to ask the fans," says Valentini. "I think when you're asking someone to give you that much, you need to give back in equal measure."

Watch GH segment, hosted by Sandy Kenyon, below:

ABC 7 will feature GH segments every Monday during the month of November, a "sweeps" month when local ratings are closely measured. General Hospital reaches over a quarter of a million viewers in the NYC tri-state viewing area.

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