The Wedding of Luke & Laura on 'General Hospital' Aired 33 Years Ago Today

General Hospital's Luke and Laura were married on November 16-17, 1981.
General Hospital averaged 14 million viewers a day in 1981, and the show became a pop culture phenomenon. The epic love story of Luke and Laura was front and center in the soap opera Newsweek called "TV's Hottest Show." The happy couple was married in a ceremony that aired November 16-17, 1981, and was watched by 30 million viewers, still a daytime record. Watch the two wedding episodes below, which include guest star Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine and the return of Kin Shriner as Scott Baldwin.

"It's a testament to Elizabeth's star power that her character [now played by Constance Towers] is still with us all these decades later," Geary said in a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine. "Helena has died and come back more often than I've had a glass of wine. There's a reason for that longevity — the character was born of magnificence."

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