Dark, Sexy, Glamorous Soap Opera 'Winterthorne' Being Developed by Michael Caruso, Who Stars with Martha Madison, Gordon Thomson

Indie Series Award-winning writer Michael Caruso announced plans on Monday for an all new online soap opera, Winterthorne, a family saga detailing the story of Miranda Winterthorne and her rise to power to control the family’s multi million dollar candy business.

Martha Madison, best known for her portrayal of Belle Black on NBC's Days of our Lives, has signed on to star as Miranda Winterthorne, a character that Caruso describes as "powerful, seductive, vulnerable, loving, and ruthless."

"The audience will see that everything in Miranda's life has come with a price," Caruso adds, "and that the terrible secrets the family tries to hide are the same secrets that hold their business together. Dark, sexy, glamorous, and a visual feast, Winterthorne will be a classic soap with light touches of gothic whimsy.

Madison has been a long time and well respected member of the daytime community.

"I was ecstatic when Michael and Barbi [Caruso] approached me about this show," she said in a statement. "These kinds of roles don't come around very often, so of course, I jumped at the chance. It was obvious to me from their success with DeVanity that they were serious about making a top notch series, and this team means business. I'm stoked to be working with them."

Madison adds, "Women are complicated! We have complex thoughts and emotions. We can be smart, loving, angry and powerful all at the same time for a hundred different valid reasons! Michael understands this and knows how to write for that kind of woman. I can't wait to play her."

Caruso, who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award earlier this year, made the female characters the real stars of the show.

"They control the business as well as the family," he explains. "I could not be more excited about the team that is being assembled. I am honored and privileged to be working with this level of talent both in front of and behind the camera. This is going to be a fun ride for the audience and we have all sorts of surprises in store for them."

Caruso will also star in the series along with former DeVanity co-star and Golden Globe and ISA nominee Gordon Thomson (Dynasty, Santa Barbara). Gordon will play Miranda's father, Maxmillian Winterthorne, with Caruso as his son-in-law and Marianda's husband, Victor.

In addition to early casting news Caruso has also enlisted two-time Daytime Emmy winner Sonia Blangiardo to direct every episode of the series. In addition to her Emmy-winning work at One Life to Live and As the World Turns, Blangiardo also received Daytime Emmy and Indie Series Award nominations this past year for her online series Tainted Dreams.

"I am so excited to begin joining forces with fellow Emmy nominees Michael and Barbara Caruso in bringing to life this exciting, new project. I can’t wait for this new chapter with two very talented and kind people."

Production will begin in early Spring of 2015.


Bruce said...

Wish I could come aboard as a writer for one of Caruso's series. Love his work and have been a fan of the "soap" medium my whole life. Writing my own novel series, MILLIKEN MILLS. http://bruceafleming.wix.com/bruceafleming#!bio/c1ktj

Roger Newcomb said...

Looks epic!

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