Broadway Celebrates Highest Grossing and Best Attended Thanksgiving Week Ever!

According to The Broadway League, week 27 of the current Broadway season (the week ending Sunday, November 30, 2014), was the highest grossing and best attended Thanksgiving week on Broadway in recorded history.

The total gross for this past week, ending November 30, 2014, was $34,121,642 (an increase of $2.6 million from last season) and total attendance was 284,569 (an increase of 23,513 from last season).

"This Thanksgiving, there’s something for everyone! The cornucopia of our Broadway menu included a variety of plays and musicals to please many tastes. The increase in family-friendly shows combined with powerful new plays representing diverse topics adds spice to our season," said Charlotte St. Martin, Executive Director of The Broadway League. "There were 36 shows playing, compared to 32 last year during the same week. We are thankful that Broadway continues to be culturally relevant, inspirational, and entertaining!"

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