FX Networks Statement Regarding Its Decision Not to Submit 'Fargo' for the WGA Awards

FX Networks statement regarding its decision not to submit Fargo for the WGA Awards:

"When the WGA Award nominations were announced this morning, several news outlets commented about the notable omission of FX's award-winning miniseries Fargo. The network initially submitted Fargo in the longform category based on the fact that the 10 one-hour scripts - all written by Noah Hawley - tell a single, close-ended story and therefore Fargo is a miniseries. The WGA does not recognize Fargo as a miniseries because Noah Hawley was accorded a 'Created for Television By' credit and said that Fargo could only be considered in the drama series category. Fargo won the Emmy Award this year for Outstanding Miniseries. It has been submitted as a miniseries for this year's Golden Globe Awards. Since Fargo is not in fact a drama series, and it is in fact a miniseries, FX made the decision not to submit Noah Hawley and his brilliant scripts for WGA Awards consideration." - FX Networks

* 2015 WGA Nominees Include 'Game of Thrones,' 'True Detective,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Days of our Lives,' 'General Hospital'

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