Lifetime Movie 'Nanny Cam' Premieres December 28, Stars Laura Allen, Cam Gigandet, India Eisley

Nanny Cam premieres December 28 on Lifetime.
Lifetime Movie Nanny Cam premieres on Sunday, December 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The film stars Laura Allen (Awake, The 4400, All My Children) as Linda, India Eisley (The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) as Heather, and Cam Gigandet (Easy A, Pandorum, The Young and the Restless) as Mark.

When Linda (Allen) and Mark's (Gigandet) elderly nanny, Mrs. Highsmith, is no longer able to care for their five-year-old daughter Chloe, they have no choice but to find a new sitter immediately. That's when Heather (Eisley, in what seems like perfect casting) enters their life. Young, gorgeous, great with kids and with a glowing recommendation, Heather seems perfect.

India Eisley stars as Heather in Nanny Cam.
But Linda isn't ready to trust a new sitter with her child, and decides to keep an eye on them via nanny cams. Her curiosity turns to obsession as she notices Chloe growing more and more attached to Heather, not to mention Mark. Is Heather slowly muscling her way into Linda's role? Things get even stranger when Mrs. Highsmith mysteriously commits suicide but it isn’t until Heather kidnaps Chloe that Linda begins to understand why Heather is here. Will Linda be able to keep Heather from doing the unthinkable by facing a past she's tried to forget?

The film was written by Brian McAuley and directed by Nancy Leopardi.

The cast of Nanny Cam includes Farrah Mackenzie as Chloe, Renée Felice Smith as Jess, Richard Portnow as Detective Jones, Andrew Fiscella as Mr. Reynolds, Kate Fuglei as Gale Lambert, Hamilton Mitchell as Jake Lambert, Andre Gower as Gary.

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