Watch the Final Episode of 'The Edge of Night' From 30 Years Ago Today

The Edge of Night cast.
Long-running daytime soap opera The Edge of Night ended on December 28, 1984. The final episode finished a 9 year run on ABC, which followed 19 and a half years on CBS starting on April 2, 1956.

"I would probably still be playing Raven if the show had stayed on the air," actress Sharon Gabet told Serial Scoop in a recent interview. "I loved her and I loved the cast and crew."

Gabet also told us about life on the set at the end.

"It was a sad and melancholy time. Many in the cast were unhappy with the story lines that came with the writer change and we went from that to cancellation. There's nothing worse for an actor with a good job to hear it's over."

Watch the The Edge of Night series finale below:

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