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'Days of our Lives': The Story of Paul Narita, Sonny Kiriakis & Will Horton (Part 6)

Paul and Will toast to the new year.
Days of our Lives baseball player Paul Narita (played by Christopher Sean) arrived at University Hospital to secretly get his torn rotator cuff fixed, and instantly charmed the women of Salem. Later, he ran into former love, Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) and it was obvious Paul still had feelings for him. Now, Sonny's husband, Will Horton (Guy Wilson), is writing a top-secret article on Paul, who just found out his pitching career is over.

Watch Part 1 (November 7-14, 2014), Part 2 (November 18-26, 2014), Part 3 (December 1-11, 2014), Part 4 (December 16-19, 2014) and Part 5 (December 22-26, 2014) of Paul's story, and then watch it continue below with episodes from December 29, 2014-January 2, 2015.

Monday, December 29, 2014
Will and Sonny get into a heated argument when Will learns his husband has emptied out their shared bank account for more work on the club expansion. Meanwhile, Paul learns from Daniel his shoulder is far too damaged, and he'll never pitch again. Reeling, Paul goes to his hotel and tries to call Sonny. Will arrives, ready to resume work on the article. He realizes Paul is upset and offers to leave but an emotional Paul asks him to stay.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Paul confides to Will that he'll no longer be able to play baseball. Will is sympathetic, and when Paul worries about having to face the press, Will offers him a chance to tell his story the way he wants by including it the article. Paul agrees to think about it. Once Will leaves, Paul calls Sonny and asks to meet. Once they do, Paul confesses he's never stopped loving Sonny. He's finally willing to have the relationship Sonny's always wanted - no more hiding. But before Paul can explain that his career is over, Sonny insists he loves his husband and that will not change. He leaves Paul heartbroken. Meanwhile, Will confides to Marlena that he and Sonny have had a few misunderstandings. He also thinks he might be onto something big with his new article.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Eric (Greg Vaughan) learns from Derrick (Spencer Neville) the bellhop that Nicole snuck into Serena's room.

Friday, January 2, 2015
Paul runs into Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) and snaps when John recognizes him. Paul apologizes then quickly makes an exit. Sonny tells Will there may be an issue with the roof of the new club and he may lose everything tonight. Will gets a call from Paul who insists on talking right away, even though it is New Year's Eve. Sonny is surprised Will is leaving, but Will promises to be home before midnight. Later, Sonny receives bad news about the club. He looks at an unopened champagne bottle and wonders where Will is. In Paul's hotel room, Paul and Will toast to 2015 and move in toward a kiss.

Days of our Lives spoilers:
Monday, January 5
Sonny approaches Paul's hotel room as Will and Paul are about to kiss.

Sonny gets a surprise when he stops by Paul's hotel room.
Tuesday, January 6
Sonny tells Chad (Billy Flynn) the new club is a bust; Rafe (Galen Gering) accuses Chad of sending the letter that got him fired.

Wednesday, January 7
Will asks Paul if he is gay.

Thursday, January 8
Paul responds to Will's question.

Friday, January 9
Sonny gets a surprise when he stops by Paul's hotel room.

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