Lifetime Movie 'Damaged' Premieres Tonight, Stars Chris Klein and Merritt Patterson

Chris Klein stars in Damaged, premiering January 3rd on Lifetime.
Lifetime movie Damaged premieres Saturday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The film stars Chris Klein (Wilfred, American Pie) and Merritt Patterson (Ravenswood).

Gorgeous, wealthy, young Taran Hathaway (Patterson) moves into a house in a suburban neighborhood across the street from high school teacher Sam Luck (Klein) and his workaholic wife Kate. When Sam offers to help Taran with her moving boxes, he is intrigued by the mysterious young woman across the street-- until Taran shows up in his English class the next day. Even though he is her teacher, Sam can't resist being a helpful neighbor and develops a friendship with Taran that becomes increasingly inappropriate as she gives him generous gifts. When Sam's life begins to fall apart around him-- he is the victim of car theft, accused of stealing, and fired for allegedly sexually harassing a student-- his wife becomes suspicious of Sam and Taran's relationship and begins asking questions... realizing that Taran moved to town with plans for the ultimate revenge.

Watch a sneak peek of Damaged below:

Damaged was directed by Rick Bota.

The cast includes Tasya Teles (Rogue) as Kate Luck.

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