NBCUniversal Launches Audience Targeting Platform

NBCUniversal today announced another significant advertising capability with the launch of its Audience Targeting Platform (ATP). To power ATP, NBCUniversal will incorporate set-top-box viewing data from several third party sources with first and third-party consumer data to identify top performing, client-specific inventory for select categories across NBCUniversal’s entire portfolio of national broadcast and cable networks. Throughout the year, these anonymized insights from ATP will guide NBCUniversal's inventory allocations and client schedule development.

By combining television viewing data with other consumer data, NBCUniversal can more effectively allocate high value television inventory to optimize client media plans. Therefore, client schedule decisions become more data-driven, allowing clients to go beyond conventional age and gender demographics in selecting audiences and move toward metrics tied closely to brand-specific KPIs.

“Marketers no longer have to choose between digital media’s data-driven targeting and television’s scale and unparalleled ability to communicate via great storytelling,” said Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal. “Now, we are unique in our ability to deliver on our promise of targeting nationally and insights-driven program selections across the entire NBCUniversal portfolio. Video content is more powerful in the presence of data.”

The Audience Targeting Platform is part of a series of advertising innovations from NBCUniversal. In 2014, the company launched NBCU+ Powered by Comcast, representing the first offering by Comcast and NBCUniversal to jointly deliver measurement and targeting solutions.

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